Thursday, November 4, 2010

VA Bulletin, new way of sending notices

Update on group notices

As communicated yesterday we modified the regulations regarding group notices.

Why? Virtual Adventures is a group dedicated to the community in this virtual city. We believe sending out more than 2 notices a day will result in group members leaving our group.

What now? We assigned a press officer: Azurita Unimo, she will join all notices from our tenants in one or two daily newsletters (will depend on the amount of notices).

Tenants that are willing to promote their products in the virtual adventures group (1500 members) will give their promotion text or texture and a landmark of their store to our assigned press officer.

The virtual Adventures press officer will make sure you update get published in the first appearing edition after receiving your text. So make sure Azurita Unimo gets your promotion nc before our first edition of the "VA Bulletin" appearing tommorow

For any questions, complains or tips please contact:
MariadelCarmen Bekkers
VA Head of Communications

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