Saturday, October 30, 2010

Starlin Roecastle Joins Manhattan City

Virtual Adventures welcomes Starlin Roecastle to Manhattan City!

Starlin Roecastle: I strongly believe that this is the best city in Second Life. I believe that the management and organisation is of the highest standards throughout SL. To not be part of something this great would be silly. I have much faith in what the city sets out to achieve, and will strive hard, and with the rest of the team to propel the city to new highest.

Javabox Kawanishi: people are the most important asset in our virtual company. You could have the biggest city, good looking buidlings and the best designers in it. Without having qualified business partners, co owners or staff, its just pixel. We want to welcome Starlin Roecastle in our Virtual Adventures company. Being sure his Real Life and Second life experience will be a graet value to our team!

MariadelCarmen Bekkers: Comming soon!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Sex in the city

To avoid lag in the city: 2 avatars per day on 1 sim are allowed to have pixel sex.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Notes On Visuality

Walking round Fashion City today, I noticed a few shops where the designers both got their look and products right, as well as where a couple of them got it very wrong.

It got me to thinking about 'visuality' and how it both positively and negatively effects your brand and image and ultimately sales.

As a designer, I know how arduous the process is to create high quality items for purchase. With Xstreet/Marketplace, it's very easy to buy templates and kits that take much of the grunt work out of it, but in these instances, not even that can guarantee a quality product.

Second Life is a visual environment. Everything about it is based on what we see and interact with. If you're in business, learning how to produce the desired effect--tempting a customer to buy--is a fine art. It is a skill that every designer needs to acquire or that will be the end of their dreams and ambitions of earning Lindens.

And this attention to detail, does not just mean designing fashion in SL that looks like it can jump off the screen and walk away, it means taking care with the presentation of your store, your vendor posters and your BRAND.

Some do's:

1) Before you begin preparing a store... go look around. See what people are doing... get to know who is the BEST and how they do things. I am not suggesting copying their style, but knowing how the best in the game are doing things, helps you to define your OWN style and approach as well as helps you to gain an appreciation for the level of detail in their work.

2) Research the sims you place stores on. If the sim has a theme, or a particular clientele, it's pointless putting items there that won't appeal to a soul who visits.

3) Stay away from gaudy, tawdry, trashy or tasteless in general. You can be raw and risque in your approach, but not tasteless. Why not should seem obvious, but if you're serious about being a designer, this kind of labeling is the death fly of your business. No one will pay attention to you.

4) Even the best quality product, with an eye popping level of detail, will fail the vendor poster test unless you maintain your attention to detail throughout the process. Light your products well in photography. Mask them as cleanly as possible in Photoshop. Construct your vendor poster with the right kind of detail and you WILL tempt buyers and once they buy your product--and love it--they come back. Once they're on the prim, remember to set them to 'full bright' in the texture tab for the prim, so people can see them from afar.

5) Be smart... the object is to earn Lindens. If your first work sucks, keep learning new techniques to improve. Keep working at it. Accept constructive criticism without pride and put customer feedback and satisfaction first.

Keep in mind at all times, that this is a visual world, and spending the extra time to consider the presentation of your work is one of the most rewarding aspects of designing for the Second Life market. When people tell you they love your work, and you know how much time you spent to make your work good, then believe me... the patience you exhibited and attention to your 'level of detail' is what brings you a return on your investment, and ultimately brings you your profit.

Freebie Fashionista HQ at Nederpoort City

Margaux Dufaux: Freebie Fashionista is glad to make their home in the growing city of Nederpoort and look forward to an exciting time of growth and being part of an active comunity.
We would like to extend an invitation to designers that would like to be a part of this great project to help promote business and improve the lives of those who live in the city. Feel free to contact me to make arrangements to place your gifts and low priced items. Thanks in advance.

Javabox Kawanishi:
Having the HQ of Freebie fashionistas at Nederpoort City, is a big step forward in our mission to serve the community with facilities they need to have a great time in SL. The city provides the community with free apartments and Freebie fashionistas offering the community fashion from great designers in the price range of 0 to 10 lindens. We welcome Margaux Dufaux and her team in this city and wish them all the best.

Mariadelcarmen Bekkers: Yet another step in serving the community, freebie fashionista will be offering high quality affordable items to the complete Second Life community. Thank you Margaux for joining us in this adventure.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Experience the Journey in Music as we move to the biggest city on Second Life

Serenity Groove is now the official radio station in the biggest Fashion city in Second Life. The massive five-sim city, welcomes Silas Garbidini and his exceptional team to the Arima city limits, which will also be home to their official offices.

Osuntomi Melendez, (Arima city administrator) commented, "I am as thrilled as everyone else, but for me it is especially exciting as I listen to nothing but Serenity Groove. It's my constant companion, so to offer them a home and to work with Silas is an honour."

Silas Gabardini, buzzing with excitement, said "The Fashion City offers Serenity Groove Radio a chance to provide rich media content to its communities. We are so very thrilled to be a part of the largest and best in SL. Virtual Adventure City Projects and Fashion City have set the stage for bringing fashion and music together."

In welcoming Serenity's stream across the city, Javabox Kawanishi (VA Founder) had this to say, "Working with Silas Gabardini and Serenity is a logical step in our strategy to serve the community. With the radio station we can serve our community with information they need such as new city developments or special offers from our designers. We are happy that Silas Gabardini is part of the biggest virtual city on Second Life. Welcome on board!"

Fifi Burton (Serentiy Groove's Programme Manager) had this to say, "I am so excited as we embark on this partnership and journey.... I am thrilled to be a part of it all!"

MokaLatae Blinker (VA Co Owner) I'm very excited to have Serenity Groove in the community . SL's most popular radio station and Dj Silas Gabardini and biggest community. A combination that can't lose.

MariaDelCarmen Bekkers (VA Owner): How exciting! Once again we are taking our city to a next level, by offering our residents and tenents our own media station they will be able to promote their products. Thank you Silas for sharing your knowledge with VA.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sebis joins Virtual Adventures City project

Virtual Adventures keeps growing with new strong business partners, together we build a solid and powerful network with new business owners joining forces, sharing ideas and knowledge in order to keep growing on a healthy way.

Javabox Kawanishi: i want to welcome Sebastiaan Obviate as business partner and Co-Owner of Virtual Adventures. This is an important step towards the future. Looking forward to a good business and friend’s relationship. "Welcome on board!"

Sebastiaan Obviate: The market has change drastically inworld, and seeing this concept of becoming co-owner of virtual adventures and forming 1 city, was really an eye-opener for me, a solution to expand my business. I’m proud to be part of this dynamic team.

MariadelCarmen Bekkers: I am delighted with Sebastiaan as a new business partner, admiring his designs and view on the Second Life market i am sure he will be of great added value to our Virtual Adventures Project.

Visit Sebis in Manhattan City!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Kiko Life joins Virtual Adventures Projects

Kiko Life is very pleased to announce, that we have joined Virtual Adventures in their massive undertaking to create the biggest, most beautiful, fun-filled city in the Metaverse. The gorgeous five-sim build now is home to Kiko Life's main store, and our city complex.

"We are so thrilled and excited by the wealth of opportunity, and customer engagement that joining forces with Virtual Adventures offers us," said Osuntomi Melendez owner and designer at Kiko Life.

Osuntomi Melendez: "it's not often you are presented with such a strong community, strong leadership and compelling opportunities in Second Life, she continued. "However, this was one that was ultimately too good to let pass."

Javabox Kawanishi: "After having several meetings, we finally made the decision to become one big city."

"We are proud and honoured that Osuntomi Melendez decided to be part of Virtual Adventures by joining her sim next to the Manhattan City Sim. Its amazing to see and experience how we are able to collaborate with people from all over the world. Welcome Osuntomi Melendez."

We at Kiko Life and Virtual Adventures, would especially like to thank Zoha Boa of for his amazing customer service. He went a long way to making the transition as painless as possible, so Kiko Life's customers would not be effected.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Meanwhile at the Marguerita Lounge...

As a responsable organisation we know how important it is to make some time availble to relax and chat about other things then business.. Here a wrap up of what goes on at the Marguerita Lounge..

Co Owner of New York City Ricko Dagostino is the DJ tonight.. He does damn well!

Good looking guys serving drinks behind the bar!
People rocking the dancefloor!
Party Party....
and what are those lazy asses doing... Get over at the dance floor!!
So, the marguerita proves to be the perfect place for a private party! All VA residents and designers are free to use it!

Mainstore Chichi Design and DRLife @ New York City

Gaius Luminos: "I had been looking for an effective place to relocate my businesses, Chichi Design, and DrLife, and Virtual New York seemed like an ideal choice. Not only is 'The City' the most detailed and active Urban Multi Sim build in SL, it also has its own Planning Board, and a thriving Community of Residents, who live here full time. SL NYC is the cutting edge of Buisiness Cooperatives in Second Life, and we are very glad we came here.

Javabox Kawanishi:" We are honoured to have Chichi Design and DrLife in the city. They offer the community a wide range of products or skin, shapes, hair, shoes and fashion. We wish Gauis Luminos all the best. Welcome on board!

BeReal Mainstore @ New York City

Ricko Dagostino: Im glad to join the Virtual Adventure team to expand our main business in New York City. I am truly excited about this unique expansion, and it is an amazing business oppurtunity for BeReal to collaborate with Virtual Adventures, and back to the community.
This city is a real recommendation to designers who wants do to more with their virtual business.

Old mainstore BeReal

Javabox Kawanishi: We started developing the virtual city concept since november 2007 and after 3 years we have building cities on over 4 sims, and counting. Our goal is to have a city on 6 sims by the end this year. We are happy and proud to have the mainstore of BeReal in New York City. BeReal and Virtual Adventures are teaming up to create new avenues of contributing to the community.

New mainstore BeReal at New York City

Monday, October 18, 2010

Witness the rezzing of the new sim

Come and join us, our newest sim will be added in a few minutes!!
Come over and watch the new city district being build within 24 hours!
The name of the new sim will be: Manhattan City, soon will be placing more information about this new district.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Josie Anderton celibrating her rezzday at The Astoria Ballroom

Hi all its Josies Rez day on saturday 16th of October she as touched our hearts in so many ways.
Come celibrate with us and enjoy the music. Here is your limo.

Sweet voice of Samm Qendra! Big fan of her now!
Bookings,Infos and other informations Please
Send a notecard to Michaela Rookstown

Sid Slade: If you would like any information on booking me or availibilty,please contact me. Including any charity or good causes events.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Become Co Owner of the biggest city on Second Life

Comming weekend our city will be expanded wit another sim, we would like to offer you the opportunity to be part of this business. There is 1/4 sim available, 3200 prims costing 5500 L$ weekly. The sim will be used to expand our current city meaning it will have the same building style. In short, "we offer you a city district to manage" think of shops, apartments etc.

Become Co-Owner in this Virtual Adventure!

The city is visited by more then 1000 unique visitors on a daily base.

For Project 3 "Manhattan"we would like to offer you a 1/4 sim to manage a business such as:

1. Hotel
2. Club
3. Shopping area
4. Rent out luxurious turnkey apartments

Grab this oppertunity with both hands and become part of this unique project.
Contact us or just leave your name and questions here.
Im inworld:
Mariadelcarmen Bekkers
Javabox Kawanishi
Ricko Dagostino
Gaius Luminos
MokaLaTae Blinker

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Astoria Ballroom

Nederpoort is proud to announce the opening of yet another place for you to hang out!

This time we go luxurious with "The Astoria Ballroom" a wonderfull place for you to go out and dance with your partner. Dont have a partner? don't mind its the perfect place to meet with new people.

The Astoria ballroom is planning to host live events on regular base. Are you an artist? Contact us and we will use our fascilities to promote your talent.

Come visit The Astoria Ballroom here.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Inworld now, Fashion Exposed!!

I am proud to announce that next to our blog we now have a style gallery inworld.
We are located in Nederpoort on the main avenue next to the marguerita lounge.


Fashion Exposed!! Not your usual exposition! Our ambition is to show you the best current fashion items available in Second-Life.

Each Picture in our store contains a Stylecard in which all visible products of the promo picture are listed with enough info so you can find your way to
the creator of each design.

Fashion Exposed does not own rights of any of the displayed products. All credits to their respective Designers! We just expose.

We believe our effort will help you to get new inspiration and vision in the o' so interesting Second-Life fashion World.

Come to Fashion Exposed!! find your way to dress to impress!

P.S. Did you know we are always open for suggestions,
Speak your mind!

Here some snapshots to give you a little impression.




See you inworld slurl:,
or fallow us on our blogsite:

Kind regards MariadelCarmen Bekkers

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Economic crisis hits several companies in Nederpoort City

Ricko Dagostino:
After 3 years of hard working, the crisis is taking so much from me that i had no other choise to be a bus driver, now i earn 20 L$ per hour and drive all day long through new york.

Looking for a job as busdriver? Earn more than Ricko Dagostino! For 50 lindens per hour you can become busdriver today. Leave your name behind or IM Ricko Dagostino.

A recipe for success inworld

After having a business here on Second Life for the past 3 years I wanted to share my thoughts and experiences with you.
You may have noticed we have seen a lot of SL entrepreneurs come and go and they all have seemed to say similar things as to why they failed:
The RL economic crisis has also hit the SL market, too many competitors, too many malls, affiliate and designers creating the same things and a lack of RL time. .
What surprised me was that out all of the conversations I had with them, no one was saying my business went bust because I didn’t calculate the risk in my business plan or I didn’t continue the business because I didn't have a clear vision. Neither did they say I just lost my passion.
The key ingredients of having your business succeed are in my opinion; passion, vision and a business plan, this is the key to getting motivation, insight and other business skills.

It's not easy to run a virtual business without a plan, vision statement and then to guarantee your business won't fail or even worse, continue doing business and make loss every week.
So to all the business owners on Second Life and to the people those are interested in starting a business: passion, vision and having a business plan are the important subject/things to think about and to work with before you start spending time and money in this virtual world.
As Benjamin Franklin said "if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail" have a wonderful Second Life and see you In World!

Javabox Kawanishi

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Opening of sim number 4

Virtual Adventures is pleased to announce the upcoming opening of the 4th new sim city, a district of New York City and Nederpoort. There will be new shops, recreations areas and free apartments available to the public.If you are a designer interested in expanding your business in the most dynamic city on Second Life, or get one of the apartments, Free or paid, should contact Mokalatae Blinker or Glory Aristocrat. Also please leave your comments in the form of your name and your point of interest as a potential shop owner or tenant in one of the apartments.

Ralp's Diner

What better way to spend your time after some shopping and dancing than to sit down and have a nice cup of coffee!

My first choice? Ralph's Diner in Virtual City New York on the Nederpoort Sim

The choice was helped by my choice of outfit which I thought was a little bit 50's inspired.

I picked the dress up in last Friday's Fifty Linden Friday from artilleri and when I saw the Diner a few days ago I knew I had to shoot some photos there soon!

Today was soon and I sat down and enjoyed my coffee in between shops!

For my blog and more information please see

Advertise your RL or SL business

Advertise your Sl or RL business in one of the biggest virtual city on Second Life. Billboards and banners will be placed arround hangout and populair spots in the city.

Driving and parking truck
Size: 700 x 500
Price per week 500 L$
Price per 4 weeks 1500L$

Billboard A
Size 750 x 400
Price per week 350 L$
Price per 4 weeks L$ 1050

Billboard B
Size 400 x 800
Price per week 350 L$
Price per 4 weeks L$ 1050

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Photography by Lexia Barzane

Hi Everyone

I just wanted to say a quick hello and introduce myself! I am the new photographer on the New York Sim at Nederpoort virtual city in Second Life.

You can find my studio here if you want to pay me a visit.

If you choose Photography by Lexia Barzane I will provide you with a friendly intimate photographic service which will begin with discussing the style of image you would like to be produced, the selection of an appropriate location and poses, editing style.

I have a variety of different poses which can be used for photographs of all styles including male, female, group, couples plus a fully operational photo studio.

I am happy to meet with and take photos with you in any location at home or away and eventually plan to develop a studio area where I can build your dream location to take photos all in one place.

At my store you can pick up information about my services including a landmark to my Studio at Essex Pier and take a look through many photos I have taken both for myself and my clients.

I also have a couple of blogs :-) there is one for my business which you can find here but I also have a blog which is my "little" project for the year!

I am undertaking Project 365 and trying to take a photo a day for the next year. To catch up on all my exploits and little fashion secrets take a look

Finally to celebrate my new store I made a little picture of me outside!

Looking forward to seeing you!

Lexia <3

Terms and Vision

Every serious business needs to protect its content, transparent as we are we share our view with you.