Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Big DAY @ Kiko Life: 5K Subscribers & Sit N Win Action!

First, it's our pleasure to tell you all that Kiko Life's Update group MAXXED out yesterday. YES! We hit 5000K members, and had to rush to upgrade our account to the MAXIMUM allowed by Hippo's system.

This is wonderful news for us. Whether it's our great group gifts (of which another will be soon released in celebration of this milestone), or our great sales, or our low-volume non-spam, our group is growing at a fearsome pace!

Last night, we also had another Sit N' Win event with much success!

At one point we had close to 30 people on sim, just trying to find a chair to sit down so they could meet the target and get the gift in the table. The Sit N' Win helps us with traffic, as it provide a fun, social way of getting people to stay on sim for a while.

Between our Free Lipstick promotion, the Sit N Win, MM boards and Lucky Chairs, our traffic today went back up to 12K+! We're verrrrry pleased with all of this as it has positively effected our sales also.


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