Monday, January 31, 2011

Run Dont' Walk To Vidal & Leave with Air Max!!

For both guys and gals!!

Come and try the awesome Air Max Nikes at Vidal (LM attached). These are photorealistic and hot! This is not an exaggeration; I just tried on a pair with a sports jersey and was chased all around the store. You decide whether you’ll get caught or not! Remember GUYS and GALS
Hugz, Azi

Worn: Xaris Air Max Pink @ $200L

Store Location: Nederpoort Virtual City Manhattan New York Paris London , Ocraco Island (213, 128, 23)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Red Light District Fashion Arrives in the City

OK Girls! You don't have to be a street girl to wear one, but if you were, you would not wait long for a guy!! Even if you are only pleasing one guy today, this new line will help you do it well. But, here is the proof!! Saw a street girl waiting for fun wearing one of these too hot mini's.
Worn: Red Light District Blue Glitter Dress about $60 ( a real bargain)
Coming soon: Shoes to match
Location: Nederpoort Virtual City Manhatta, Ocraco Island (81, 175, 23)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Look Out Bad Guys, The Cops are Here!!

Good News for us Virtual Adventures NYC Sim Owners, but bad news for potential griefers and aggrivators that come to any of the 4 NYC sims. Thanks to one of the owners, Gaius Luminos, for acquiring security to our 4 sister city sims(NYC, Manhattan City, Ocraco and Arima City) we can now rest a little more easily about griefers and trouble makers entering the sims. They will now, be dealt with by an elite security force patrolling the area by horse and patrol cars.

 As stated by Gaius earlier today "Good News for us..bad news for Griefers. Earlier I accepted a deal with An SL Police Unit, the Gendamarie National Francaise (GNSL) to station at New York Island. I want to stress that GNSL is an 8 member Team of former Military Officers (Vets) from RL, and not a gang of 15 year olds playing at being 'policemen' in SL (which is worse than having griefers).
GNSL's charter purpose in NY will be: Anti griefing patrols, and emergency call response to residents and store owners who are being victimised, general assistance to residents and visitors to NY, event security (if requested), and the removal of space junk left by non residents".

Yay for us and boo for the bad guys. Everyone on the Virtual Adventures Team want to make everyone's experience on our sims  pleasant. The presence of security can now make that possible in a more harmonious way.In the picture above are Officers Mak Topaz and Opa Munster on patrol in Manhattan City. Thank you Gaius and GNSL, from all of us. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Red Light is Red Hot!!

Hey guys,

You have to come and see this. The new Red Light district is hot. There are girls who dance and play. You’ll have to ask them what game you want(wink!). As I came to check it out this weekend two girls were pulling each other’s hair in a fight for a dance pole. It was sooo hot!! Everyone was going crazy. Check it out!

Hugz, Azi
Nederpoort Virtual City Manhatta, Ocraco Island (104, 163, 23)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

All Hail The Empress! Five Makeups for the African Queen in you!

Five gorgeous makeups celebrating ancient African Queens in our Kiko Life way. Gorgeous lips and eyeshadows with dramatic regal facial art. Full makeup jars and fatbag available.


Full face
Goodie Bag



To get some demos, and get yours: Here's the taxi!

Friday, January 21, 2011

*{Kiko Life}* Valentines Day Soon & We've Got Your Hearts!

Just in time for Valentines Day, 10 vibrantly adorable makeups with options, options, options! Available in single makeup fatpacks, single layers and introducing our first 'Fatbag'--all 10 makeups to go--for those of you who can't make up which ones you want.


  • Full face

  • Eyeshadow

  • Eyeshadow w/Blush

  • Lipstick

  • Blush

  • Goodie Bag



To get some demos, and get yours: Here's the taxi!

OOOhhhh.... did i mention new Group Gift this week? Yes darlings, we're up to 5500+ subscribers now, so you all deserve a treat! You know Big Mami cooks up the good treats... be on the look out!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sample Changes to Residential Arrangements

Hiii Guys,

Well we're growing more and getting more exciting in 2011. Java suggests we look at our rental arrangements and asked that a sample note be developed. Use it or not as you wish

Hugz, Azi
Important changes to our Apartment arrangements effective January 24

Dear Apartment Resident,

First, let me wish you a happy New Year with hopes that you are well and prosperous.

Secondly , let me refresh you on our vision of having a real city; one that you can live in, make friends, shop, go clubbing or just hang out and enjoy. Our view was by making it an attractive place to live, shop and socialize then we would also prosper enough to be a commercial success.

In 2010 you may have noticed our incredible growth with so many new stores, clubs, activities and the addition of free apartments as a strategic component.

When we offered the apartments we had two key considerations: First that it be for avis who spent a good amount of time in SL and enjoyed this city; secondly, that each one would be allowed 50 prims or pay $1L each for more each week.

What has happened is that some people do not log on often and also many avis are using excessive prims. This is having a negative impact on the city causing lag during our free social activities and slowing sales in the stores. To improve this for all of our benefit we are implementing the following new arrangements effective January 22.

There will be a nominal $1L per week charge for your apartment (less than one penny $US)
We will enforce the 50 prim limit by charging $1L extra per excess prim each week
There will be a formal payment box method in our new business office LM attached
You will need to pay each week or your apartment will be given to the next person on our waiting list.
Avis not paying by January will be removed and contents returned to lost and found

We all know that RL vacations and emergencies happen, so if you will be away simply pay in advance up to four weeks.

There will be a meeting and street dance on January _______ to answer all of your questions.

You Name Here

Friday, January 14, 2011

100 Avatar Exhibit Opens in Manhattan City!

BooperKit Moseley is hosting a 100 Avatar exhibit which opens tomorrow at 12pm SLT in Manhattan City.  Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend. DJ Urbanking will be the DJ for this event and it will be very live and very fun. Bring your friends and come enjoy 100 Avatars....Manhattan City Style!

Second Life and the other virtual worlds that have built up around it have gone through many changes. People come now, as then, for many reasons. Relationships are made, true selves discovered, fun had and memories made.

Throughout this time, whether you are an oldie or a newbie, we have always had the snapshot. Some of us faithfully uploaded records of our experiences to SLPics, some keep libraries in inventory. Some, like me, did both and also kept galleries too. It was this that inspired me - I used to have a gallery of customers who came to my store and wore my hair. More and more people would ask to be in the gallery and send me pics for it. It was at one point huge, and I loved it and would go there to browse and remember and often found others doing the same. Thinking about this gave me the idea.

100 Snapshots is an exhibition of 100 first avatar snapshots.

The oldest are from 2002, the newest from just this year. I have not selected them or filtered them. I see patterns in the choice of first snapshots, and there are indeed many interesting stories related to them. I hope you find them interesting, perhaps intriguing, sometimes beautiful and often cringeworthy. There will be pictures that make you reminisce if you're an oldie like me.

Thank you to everyone who contributed pictures, time and ideas. I hope it was worth it.

Booperkit Moseley

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Going mad for Mad Diva Jewelry (Official Opening Soon)

In a wonderful twist of fate I was treated to an hour of delightful conversation with Kalyabreeaa Capelo this week. Having just wandered into her store and being immediately captivated by her beautiful and completely unique line of jewelry; we fell into a discussion leading to my learning a lot about her design philosophy, modeling school and developing fashions. A lot more in coming weeks.

Right now, there are splendid jewelry sets available and in this picture she is wearing the Mad Diva Whole Beach collection. There are many collections. Four pieces in this one; Earrings and necklace as seen, and also including a bracelet and cuff in the same motif not shown. You’ll be Mad for Mad Diva!

Find her store @: Mad Diva, Ocraco Island (177, 164, 23)

This Collection: Mad Diva Whole Beach @ $650
Includes: Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet and Cuff
(Fat pack with 8 collections @ $3900 available in the store)


Monday, January 10, 2011

My partners gettin down on a Sunday afternoon in Manhattan City!

Dj Rho was at The Margarita Lounge Sunday afternoon spinning his lively mix of dance and techno music. The music was so live noone could sit still for a minute.Here I see my partner in Manhattan, Sebastiaan and Maria and Azurita,two more Co-Owners shaking to DJ Rho's beat!! Didn't think I saw you , huh guys. Yessss I did! It's great to see everyone working together and having fun together in Manhattan. Thanks guys for being so sweet!


Ok, so I know I have been gone in like forever but I have been rather busy through out the holidays with real life and all. But now I am back and first I want to wish everyone a very happy new year to all of you and yours! With this new year the key word is NEW. New land, New building, New business partner, New look, New business model.. just plain NEW.  Indeed many new and exciting things have and are happening at the Astoria and we are looking forward to sharing all of this with all of you.

First things first. New land! We have moved from our previous location to a more centralized area in the city right across from BeReal and the new fabulous Empire State Building. With this new land comes a  new bigger and more spacious Astoria which will have many amenities. The new Astoria will boast new stores like K-code, a fabulous grand lobby, a Ballroom, a lounge,  new large luxurious apartments and huge penthouses with private pools and a fashion runway right on the roof!

Second, I have a new business partner! His name is Kris Zufreur and he is bringing all sorts of new ideas and new life into The Astoria and what it stands for. He will be posting on this blog from time to time informing of events and opportunities! So if you see him in the hotel and around the city say hello. We plan for The New Astoria to be a place that will support many venues of all kinds. We want it to be a place where people will want to live, shop, explore, lounge and party. We want to add to the atmosphere of sophistication, excitement and good living that New York City provides. With our new spacious land, our new hotel, new blood and new vision for this hotel we will provide many memorable expeiences for all our residents and visitors who come here.

There are many exciting things coming ahead so stay tuned!

Hot NBA Fashion Jerseys & Makeups Here Now!!

For all of “Basketball Widows”, even if you cannot spell NBA, you can still have fun with these genuine basketball jerseys. Make it difficult for him to watch the game by wearing our sexy top from his favorite team with hot exposed panty.

As shown: Jersey featuring NBA Team you choose and cute white panty $130L

For even more fun get the KIKO remix makeup!!
Add: KIKO-LIFE Remix NBA Team makeups $50L

Come to Vidal for all of your sports fashions and more ok?

Manhattan City New York, Manhattan City (242, 118, 33)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Season Opener at Chichi London

this 'Flash Gordon' Movie Actress Suit is a faithfull and very Hot rendition of the origional, in Silver Leather and Sequin trim, with matching Silver Pants. Empire State Plaza has been working overtime to finish up a very Hot Line of 011 openers, which will begin to Debut at Chichi Mainstore NYC, this coming week. Oo La La!! Chichi of London.

Girls Going Crazy to Get Their Free Jersey At Vidal

You will have fun at the Super Bowl party with this fun and sexy Jersey outfit. Be careful not to distract the players with the short hem and exposed panty. Beautiful long socks complete this look. Wear your own sneakers and accessorize how you want. What you do with the players is up to you!!

This Incredible Freebie Includes:
"Sporty Shape"
" Sporty Skin"
Jersey featuring number 87,
Panty, Vidal white fashion underwear
Vidal Fashion Extra Long Tube Stockings
AND, there are more that ou can buy for $130L!!
Your Shopper Girl, Azi
Manhattan City New York, Manhattan City (246, 126, 32)

Empire State building raises New York City!


SL's Prestigious & exclusive EMPIRE STATE BUILDING is now open for show to prospective Store & Buisiness Owners. Contact Gaius Luminos for information.

~If Visibility & a Prestigious location are musts for Your Business,
its hard to imagine anything more visible or well known, than
The Empire State Building in New York City!
~Second Life's Empire State Building is a brand new, state of the art
recreation of its famous RL Counterpart. Inside and out, this fully functioning & faithful replica of NY's Landmark building is a true
Architectural Masterpiece.
~ Empire State SL is situated in its own self contained Shopping Center Plaza, at The Heart of the well established 5 Sim New York Cooperative- the biggest & most realistic New York City in Second Life.
~Empire State SL stands at 130 Meters High, with24 Shops & Offices,
& 28 Fully Furnished Luxury Apartments. The Building has 2 Elevators with private key code Appartment/ Office enterances for their Owners.
There is also an Observation Deck.
~The Shopping Arcade is located on Two Levels, right above the Main Lobby, ensuring direct foot traffic flow from The Main & side street Entrances. It is decorated in a 1920's Motif, with sculpts and textures that are modelled after the Origional Build in RL.
~The Arcade & Offices/ Apartments are currently open for viewing (just follow the attatchedLandmark). Rentals are by appointment- Contact Gaius Luminos....Many Thanks :)

Interior impression


The Empire State Building is a Prestigios addition to our skyline!

Friday, January 7, 2011

50% Weekend Sale at Sascha's Designs in Manhattan City this weekend only!

Sashca's Designs in Manhattan City has one of the largest collections of formal and evening wear in Secondlife. Ballroom gowns as well. There are two floors jam packed with beautiful outfits for men and women suitable for any outing. the designer, Sascha Frangilli, has wonderful taste and design skills to keep you coming back for more. Elegance spares no expense at Sascha's Designs. Be the belle of the ball in these lovely gowns and evening dresses.Dress your man here too, so you both can make heads turn. This weekend only Sascha has one of her new release gowns, Pixie Sea, on sale for 50% less than regular price. There is also an evening dress in her shop,Coco Pink, for only10L's this weekend. Perfect for any evening, these are both "must haves". Pop in on Sascha's Designs this weekend and pick up something lovely at an incredible price. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cherries Couture: Fashion as sweet as the name

Cherries Couture: Fashion as sweet as the name

Take a peek inside of Manhattan City's Newest shop, Cherries Couture.With fashions just as sweet as the name, Cherries Fashion is the one stop fashion shop for you!  High quality couture outfits for the hip and sexy SL woman, done cherries way. Come take a peek inside this lovely shop and find that perfect outfit you've been looking  to wear tonight. Evening dresses, party dresses, and more sexy outfits just waiting for you to pick up at marvelously affordable prices. Come join the subscriber & get sneak peeks at the newest creations & hot gifts for members! In case you want to visit for yourself, here's the limo. Hop in and ride on over!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Angela Green Outfit, now Accessorize!!

Hi guys, Hope you had great holidays! Shopper Girl is back on the prowl. Honestly it was hard to choose what to wear today. Here I am leaving Vidal with the Angela Green outfit. Fun to wear with lots of layers and color combos, perfect for casual dates and different weather. Really glad I live in this fashion city because all the work in accessorizing will be easy here.

Stay tuned because here is a whole lot more fun here. IM me if you want ok?

Azi, aka Shopper Girl

PS I have some really hot Jerseys I want to wear for you soon!!! You will love them.

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Shopping Spots in Manhattan City!

Manhattan City welcomes new Fashion and Jewelry Shop !

Manhattan City is growing like a weed all over the place. We have a very wide range of shops and that range is now wider. New Jewelry shop, Fannie Wise Jewelry, owned by Fannie Wise herself, adds more glitter and glam to Manhattan. Fannie specializes in wedding rings but has a wide range of jewelry for men and women. As you will see in the pics and very detailed.When the time comes to tie that virtual knot. Come see us at Fannie Wise Jewelry and get those special rings for your wedding, or simply treat yourself to something original and beautiful.

Looking for sexy and savvy fashions,hair and jewelry? Come check out the new WTB Shop in Manhattan City also. To capture that fresh off the runway look, Zeta Untermeyer, the owner of WTB has just what you need. Also in the picture above,Zeta tells me that WTB stands for Want To Be. I can say, do you want to be beautiful, fashionable and stunning? Come to WTB and you will find it!  Zeta's designs are fresh, vibrant and very well priced. Even your purse will come out happy.The next time you're in Manhattan City, Do yourself a favor and peek into both of these shops, Fannie Wise Jewelry and WTB. Experience city shopping in Manhattan City! Welcome to Manhattan ladies!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

*{Kiko Life}* Wounded Makeups & Complete Avatars

We're very excited about Wounded! Our favourite zombie girl, Sydd Sinister was responsible for styling these five shapes and makeups, and we LOVED how she put our girls together.

Check out the pics:





You can pick up demos, copy/mod and no mod shapes, full makeups, eyeshadows and lipsticks here:

*{Kiko Life}* Digital Cosmetics: Wounded

Saturday, January 1, 2011

We wish you a Happy New Year!

We wish you Health.
We wish you Love.
We wish you Wisdom.
We wish you Generosity.
We wish you Success.
We wish you Happiness and Joy.
And blessings for the New Year.

We wish you the best of everything.. Cause you deserve it.

Happy 2011!

in name of the whole VA Team,

Javabox Kawanishi & MariadelCarmen Bekkers