Tuesday, November 9, 2010

See you all next week!

Dear partners,

Hereby a little reminder on our vision on building and decoration of the city.

No excessive logo's or promotion signs can be placed outside the stores. We do our best to keep the streets attractive for everyone.

All buildings should be build in New York style, Are you going to place a building yourself? ask GordonGekko Haroldsen or myself for approval. Same counts for exterior decoration.
We don't intend to hold back your own creativity by asking this but a lot of time has been invested in creating the look and feel the city currently has.

We are always open to suggestions, in fact i would like you all to think about new additions for the city. Especially with the holiday season coming soon!

On New York island a ski resort was placed, we did this without noticing the environment around... consequence we closed a main-road leading to 69 park avenue.. Silexe, sorry for that!
Ski resort will be relocated at the part where we currently have the park.

Yesterday i started converting the sims in a winter setting, had a hard time finding good winter accessories to decorate the sims.. If you know any places, please send me a landmark.

Going to bed now...Heading to the airport at 6 in the morning for a week off enjoying the sun!

See you all next week, Keep up the good work!
xxx MariadelCarmen Bekkers


  1. Heey Maria!! Bring your laptop with you hahaha, so you can log in while you sitting and drinking margaritha´s on the beach!

    Have fun XOXOX

  2. I will take my mini laptop! Not sure how it will handle SL.. Facebook, blogs will work for sure;)

  3. Have fun Maria!!!!

    We will only have a little mischief while you are gone!


  4. heey holiday is over!! come back online!!! lol