Monday, November 7, 2011

Future Plans

From: MariadelCarmen Bekkers

To: VA Distribution

Subject: Future Plans

Hello Everyone,

The purpose of this announcement is twofold: First I want to thank all of my friends, partners and associates over the last four years for our collective success with VA. It has been fun, difficult at times and yet an overall extraordinary experience, the kind most people only read about. We have made many leaps for virtual reality and SL and grown in many ways.

Secondly, I wanted share my own next steps with you all. I’m leaving VA effective November 14th to pursue some new opportunities. This means that I will vacate all of my ownership positions, roles, duties and any official affiliation. It does not mean however that I have left the planet or hopefully your hearts. It just means I’ll be doing some different things in SL. I’ll be happy to discuss any details of the roles or duties being vacated with anyone as you wish.

Just to close the loop, I have not heard from Java for quite a while but all of us are really on our own direction now. This makes it a great time for all of us to move ahead as colleagues and friends.

This was a sad but exciting memo to write and I’ll be sharing news with you as individuals as I am able. Fallow my steps on:


MariadelCarmen Bekkers
VA In-world CEO (ex officio)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Xtra! Xtra! Read all About It! Manhattan City gets a facelift!

The New Face of Manhattan City

Manhattan City has under went some major changes in the last 2 weeks. Besides getting a very big face lift, we have gotten two new owners. MariaDelCarmen Bekkers and Javabox Kawanishi are our newest partners in Manhattan. Maria and Java were on an a joining sim next to us but now we are blessed to have them in house in Manhattan City with Sebastiaan and myself. And might I add, Java is also the builder of Manhattan and  our sister sim and home of Serenity Grooves Radio,in Arima City.All four of us are a part of the same business team, Virtual Adventures. To which they are both founders of that group. Now we all get to work and collaborate much closer in Manhattan City. It's lots of fun working with these two. Everyday is a new adventure for us all. Manhattan City welcomes you Maria and Java with open arms. Look out secondlife. LOL.

Now I will show you the new face of Manhattan City in a few photos I have collected. Please enjoy them as much as we do and of course, make plans to come see and experience Manhattan City for yourself. More shops, more hang outs, more fun is what we offer you.

 New China Town Area
 New Lounge with available shops for rent, overlooking the downtown area
 New Downtown Manhattan
A new Red Light District for you grown folks and on the bottom is the new harlem area and yess, that is a Soul Glo billboard. Thanks to Java, one of his favs. Haaa. So now that you have a peek. For a closer look, dont be a stranger, come to Manhattan City!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011



From: Maria Del Carmen August 5, 2011

Inworld CEO Virtual Adventures

To: All designers & residents

Subject: Immediate emergency actions due to Sim unacceptable performance

Our goal has always been to provide an authentic and excellent city environment for you our important designer and retail outlet customers and your customers to enjoy shopping and city life. The current Estate manager Sold land to a club that generates very high traffic and runs severe scripts that have increased lag to an unacceptable level and actually resulted in sim fu.ll conditions at times which does not even allow our city residents and customers to TP in. We find this to be unacceptable.

We have tried unsuccessfully to work in a reasoned way with the Estates sales agent to bring the environment to an acceptable level but they have refused to make any changes. As a result we believe they are taking our rent under false pretense as we do not have free use of the land and are taking the following actions immediately to protect your investment:

1. Relocating Downtown in its entirety to Arima with our long time business partners Moka and Silas.

2. Preparing an environment that you will be proud of and has a pleasant and authentic Downtown feel

3. Holding a specific location for your store that we hope you will choose to use.

4. Offering you one (1) free week rent as a sign of our good faith and appreciation to you our loyal customers.

Javabox and myself agreed despite the situation to continue our business relationship with Zoha islands. Zoha has proved to be a reliable partner in the past 3 years.

I will be contacting each of you personally but also please feel free to reach out to me. We’ll be having special notices on our FB location as well for further details and information.

Best regards,

Maria del Carmen Bekkers

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Manhattan City Welcomes Downtown NYC into our fold.

There is always more room for our family here in Manhattan City. Collaboration with the sister sim, Downtown NYC has been active from the start of the Virtual Adventures NYC Sims Project. Instead of being next door now we are all under one happy roof and faithfully connected to our sister sim Arima City, Home of Serenity Groove Radio.Lending a helping hand is what we, in Virtual Adventures, do and charity always begins at home. When there was some distress for our family, Manhattan welcomed them with open arms.

As spoken by the Virtual Adventures team leaders, Javabox Kawanishi (Sales & Marketing) & Mariadelcarmen Bekkers (CFO), " Because of the lag in Ocraco Island  for the past 2 weeks and "full sim" situation, caused by a club on the sim, Downtown NYC(Ocraco Island) is moving all of its activities to Manhattan City. With this new strategy, we will intensify our collaboration with Serenity Grooves and the Manhattan City group. The transition should be ready by the weekend."

What this means is that Manhattan City and Downtown NYC are all on the same sim as one big happy family. The whole sim is getting a face lift. If you thought it was hot before, wait until you see this one. You dont want to miss it. If youre looking for someplace to go this weekend and hang out and have a lil fun, come to Manhattan City. More hang outs, more fun and of course, more SHOPPING will be available to you.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Interview with Javabox Kawanishi

Second Life's Javabox Kawanishi talks about a place of dreams becoming reality at Downtown New York Citya place where the energy is buzzing day and night and SL becomes a reality!

By Miss Adalita Voom
Chief Editor and Columnist
DT NYC- NY Moments Newspaper

Published: Friday, July 8th 2011

I sat down for an interview with the city's creator and business mogul Javabox Kawanishi early on a Friday morning over a coffee and the following is an edited transcript.

Sitting in the lavish boardroom the atmosphere is energising with the presence of a man dedicated to helping people, I asked, so where did it all start?

NYC is built and managed by Javabox Kawanishi and Mariadelcarmen Bekkers, both friends and business partners since 2007 with vast experience of running a business in world.

"Our ambition was to create the best possible virtual environment for the SL community and do exactly the opposite of what we have seen so far on places in SL."
Says Java

It all started when Java went to NY for a week, fascinated by the dynamic of the city, the multiculturalismthe dreams that the city portrays of hope and excitement, put simply he fell in love with the city.
Java tells me that NY was founded by the Dutch, and was orginally called New Amsterdam, so he thought, let's build NYC here in Second Life.

With a vision and a team of ambitious friends, they began....the rest is history.

When asked about his vision i was quite suprised and in aweof his response, unlike the typical responses such as pleasure, business, fun...Java told me his vision....

"Imagine a virtual city where 100 000 people are logging in every day, imagine creating RL jobs for people all over the world, in some countries people work for as little as $1 USD per day, hard labour...this way they can earn a living enjoying all that NYC sim can bring from the comfort of their home by selling content or services, or working as a cab driver or greeter for $3 USD per day. May seem like a small amount of money to you and me, we spend that in a flash, but for them it's the equivalent of a week's salary, the challenge we face is how can we use social media and virtual worlds to create job oppertunities in those countries.
And that has been our mission since 2007.

The vision is to create a virtual environment for the Second Life community, where they can socialise.
Shopping is not core business here, socialising is...that is our aim."

Ok Java so what can people expect to see in NYC sim?

"People will see the opposite of what they have seen so farin SL, a place with more hang out places, and less shouting logo's from affiliate programs or walls paved with vendors, they will see a a place where they can enjoy their SL with their friends, such as places like Ralphs Diner (A 50's style Cafe), or ZO Restaurant (A romantic and slick place to take the one you love!), or many scenic areas where you can take pictures whether it be for blogs, modeling or fun...We have fashion designers offering fine quality clothes for affordable prices. The HQ of Freebie fashionista, a big fashion group with more than 3000 members, is also located in the city .

I asked, are kids welcome? (Being a mother i thought this was important!)

"Now that is a tough at times you may see a dragon flying through the sky wanting to land in the city, a huge dragon!!"

Of course i had to giggle at this mans sense of humour! LOL!

"Well, if that was to happen I would ask the person to change their avi, it is in our best interest to protect all visitors that are here to enjoy their day :).
Child avis are always welcome, so long as they obide by the rules of the city and are behaving, and not soliciting undesirable or mature content and are not causing harm to anyone."

Java may I ask...why did you want to start a newspaper for NYC?

"Well every city needs a newspaper right?....we would like to be able to connect with our visitors, inform them of activities and make this virtual city as real as possible for them."

So what kind of content can we expect to see?

"We will utilise social media media sites and inworld groups to create awareness about this wonderful virtual world"

So, scandal, robberies, social events, stocks & shares, sports? LOL?

"yeah as long as it serves and is beneficial to the community. We will give people what they want to see inworld, a place to socialise and create and be part of a bigger something."

Come and check out NYC sim, take part in our community and be a part of our events! It's a place you can call home and belong :)

Over and out!

Miss Adalita Voom :)

Opening New York Business Center

The cloudy sky over New York city suddenly became blue:
Today, the New York Business Center opened its doors to public and therefore for all the business owners.
Even if there are still boxes that were not opened and unpacked yet, 50% of the available offices have already been taken by the business owners of the city.
There is a meetingroom on second floor for every business owner of this fast growing city to use free of charge.
The New York Business Center is a place where you can meet and greet with serious Second Life Entrepreneurs.
Come around and see yourself, our city

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Whats going on!

Our building program is barely keeping pace with the demand for shops, virtual offices and gathering places.  This is because we have been carefully listening to the community, making immediate goals for what they have asked and are now learning to anticipate their needs.
So now we are continuously creating and recreating the finest, most authentic city environment in SL.
Our community is becoming actively involved in things they already enjoy and find new ones they had not even considered.  

Hosoi Design

Hosoi Design

Monday, July 4, 2011

Working in a virtual office

VA virtual office

Timbaktu Inc

Never had I imagined that I would design and place my creations in a beautiful city like Downtown New York or at Malaysia sim near the beautiful water.I design because of passion of creating pattern for pixel clothing in secondlife.

So here is Timbaktu Inc at Downtown New York. You can have a tp here .

The texture of the shop , flooring and display were created by Javabox Kawanishi. It makes my clothes shine. It look so warm and cosy and soft. Ambient that I would always feel comfortable to be with.

The decoration gives me more ideas to design.

The city has a lot of place to hang out. I had tped some friends Mero, Dong, emoralis and Zhang to have voice chat at a cafe near Timbaktu Inc store.

Come over and see for yourself

(Picture soon available)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kiko Life comes to Manhattan City!

Manhattan City welcomes Kiko Life!! Party Time!!!!

Manhattan City is proud to announce the opening of the new Kiko Life Main Store in Manhattan City. Already being business partners with Osuntomi Melendez, the Kiko Life owner and creator. It is even more of a pleasure to have the business with us. Kiko Life is a premium ethnic skin, shape and make up product in Second Life. The best of the best for ethnic avatars. Giving them a wide array of combinations to help make any avatar more beautiful, pleasing and everything your imagination would like it to be. A long, happy and prosperous future for Kiko Life is expected in Manhattan City.

With that said, for all of you who have been looking for and missing Kiko Life. Look no further, they are back  and at home in Manhattan City. Make your way over to experience all that beauty has to offer, Kiko Life style. There are many, many more products already here with more to come. Be sure to keep your eyes open, not to miss one moment.An opening party to welcome Kiko Life to the city and to welcome all of you to come out and visit or revisit Kiko Life again will ensue. DJ Showtime will be in charge of entertaining us all this evening, June 21, 2011 from 4-6pm SLT at the Kiko Life main store. Please come out and have a nice time with us. Your limo is provided . Welcome to Manhattan City, Kiko Life. Manhattan is very pleased to have you!

Monday, May 2, 2011


Looking for a cute place to live in NYC? Then look no further! Minutes away from some of the trendiest nightspots and shopping centers in NYC are these fabulous cozy apartments! They are now available at The Astoria. These one bedroom, living room suites have some of the best views of the city and so conveniently close to all the shopping and nightlife that NYC has to offer! They are 350/week for 50 prims. Contact Kris Zufreur or Paniagua Rubble for rental. Click here to see it inworld!

Meanwhile take a look at these fabulous pics!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Today we had our very first event at our new location and we had lots of fun! I want to thank everyone who showed up to our masquerade ball! I saw some beautiful gowns and masks. All the fellas were looking sharp as well.  I especially want to thank my fellow co-owners who showed up and supported the event. I want to thank DJ Hit em N the Jaw, who not only provided us with great music but some of his err hmm vocals. Haha. Special thanks to his family for coming out and especially Rain for helping set up the date and advertising the event also. But a very very special thanks goes to Zane Pooley who did some wonderful hosting. I plan to put up some of the pictures real soon so watch for them coming soon.

Today's event will be the first of many things to come out of the Astoria. Along with a new building and new land comes a new attitude with fresh ideas. Most importantly this new attitude brings a spirit of cooperation and unity. All of us working together to make this city one complete city. A place where people love to live, party, shop and simply hang out. Kris and I will keep everyone posted on new events as they become available.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Hello again everyone! The Astoria is having a Masquerade Ball and everyone is invited!
So put on Your best formal gown and your sharpest looking tux. Slap on a mask and come on over!

games, trivia, contests
Don't have a gown, looking for something new to wear? Make sure to stop by our Styles by Danielle shop just outside the lobby across the street from The Astoria, for some breathtaking gowns and shoes.