Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My note on communication between co-owners, the past few weeks and the future

After yesterday’s meeting I felt it was necessary to give my opinion on our organization so far.

Clear is that the city has developed itself to a different level then we initially
planned for. Our aim has always been growing on a healthy way.

So far, is that happening? I’d say yes.

Having teamed up with at least 2 co – owners for each region it must be possible to maintain a healthy community on every sim.

Being co-owner of this virtual city means you have your own responsibility for you core business (main store) and other businesses / residents paying to stay in your region.

What does it mean? Each co-owner should take responsibility to organize events for the community, attract business traffic for your tenants and make sure your region is living. Work on new concepts as hangout spots, hire models to greet people.
Tier and Income should be divided equally under co owners as agreed. See addition to terms added on October 28th

As co-owners we can learn a lot from each other, something that in my opinion is not happening enough. More often we should take initiative and inform for each other’s business, share ideas, experiences and successes.

As Java pointed out yesterday, New York at this moment is the sim where a lot of effort is needed.

Is there a reason why traffic and business intensity on New York is lower? I think so, after having started building New York we immediately opened doors for new business partners and new regions.

So, in my opinion the current New York Situation is a direct consequence of having expanded very fast.

Saying this I do NOT mean it was a bad thing to do. Java and I considered really well before adding more sims, believing in the potential and input of our co-owners we knew all regions of this city would be managed well.

Coming weeks will prove if we were right.

Furthermore I would like to point out we are a professional organization, representing Real Life brands who have entrusted their brands to us. Let’s keep that in mind at the moment we take decisions that will affect the city.

Offcourse I want to be able to say: We are the biggest and best looking city on Second Life.

But more important to me is: We should be the most reliable city, with the best organization. An organization in which people share the same vision, and focus together on achieving more.

Being reliable means we should consider well before taking decisions, what kind of effect will this store or hangout place have on the community? Can we add another sim? Is a new sim financially and practically reachable? Can we fulfill our Targets and promises?

All things I want us all to think about, together we make or break this city.

To finish a few personal notes.

Yesterday I started working full time again in Real Life as, a consequence I will spend fewer hours on Second Life. Realizing a lot needs to be done and organized within our Second Life business this is far from ideal.. But the challenge will be using my time as efficient as possible.

If not enough. Wednesday November 10th I’ll be off for a week of holiday to Abu Dhabi. Though I’ll take my laptop.. I plan to spend most time enjoying the sun.

To conclude: a quote I use often in RL
Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.

Thank you for reading
MariadelCarmen Bekkers

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