Sunday, November 7, 2010

I Want To Ride My Bicycle Where I Like...

I want to ride my bicycle where I like...

I love the NY sim where my store is based and have blogged it a couple of times already.

I'm lucky that as a resident I can rez objects there (and have been known to rez my convertible there and drive me and my sister round as we shop ;-)) but I enjoy nothing more than riding my bike around the streets to see who and what is around.

I love this bike (I tried to check who the creator was but can't find the information at the moment but it was a freebie much like all his work from what I remember) and did take some photos a few weeks ago when I was out and about on it but I thought this outfit really went with the hobo look of the bike so off I went on my bike cycling the not so mean streets of New York :-)

Necklace: [W&B] Memory Collector Necklace 50L FRIDAY
Tights: Kyoot - Cozy Floral Tights (Winter Vines)
Shorts: Willow~ High Waist Dark Jean Shorties
Hair: >TRUTH< Emme - chocolate
Boots: [PM] Posh Leather : Goldy
Skin: [ATOMIC] Skin Audri_Caramel - Stumble 2
Top: [W&B] Rachelle Cropped Bustier ALABASTER
Bike: Delux Hobo Bicycle (BOXED)

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