Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fresh off the Design Table! New Vidal Skins & Shapes!

If you enjoy VIDAL Fashions, you're going to love these new shapes and skins. A new arrival in the Manhattan VIDAL Boutique, makes a great add on to the already hot fashions I have inside of VIDAL. Javabox Kawanishi did a great job with these. Ladies I know when the new year begins, we like to recreate ourselves with new attitudes and new looks. Brush off the old and bring on the new. What a better way to do it than with a new VIDAL skin and shape to fit your sexy personality.These are just the beginning. More lovely shapes, skins and make ups will follow so keep your eyes on VIDAL Manhattan. At the great price of only 350L for the skin and shape, this is one you wont want to pass up. Take the first train smoking to Manhattann to pick up a new skin and shape for a new sexier you in this new upcoming year! Right now, found exclusively in Manhattan. So if standing out and being one of a kind is something you'de like, Manhattan VIDAL is where you need to be.  What are you waiting for? Let's get it to Manhattan. A new you awaits!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christams came early today in Manhattan City's Daily Give-A-Way !

The gift given to the community today in Manhattan City's Daily Give-A-Way was an item of choice from the new Vidal Zebra Collection. There was a very large turn out  for these new sexy, sassy and classy  combinations of black and white dresses. Black and white together is a nice mix of color. It gives any design a look of elegance, class and can be very sexy as well. Today that combination was shared in the form a a gift to all who had the time to spare to pick one up. There is a choice of five elegantly designed outfits from Javabox  Kawanishi and Vidal Boutique Manhattan. Each person is allowed to choose one outfit they like from the Zebra  Collection to keep for themselves. A lot of ladies were very appreciative and anxious to put on their new outfits and wear them out on the SL town tonight.  It's always a very gratifying feeling to be able to help people by giving them a very nice designer gift. So look out Santa, you'll have some sexy helpers tonight. This wasn't the first and wont be the last Designer Gift, given away in Manhattan. Keep your eyes open, Santa will be back in Manhattan City and soon!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


The Astoria is hostinga Best in Jeans Contest with DJ Lyria Wizenheim(Lyria Blaisdale). Be there 3-5 pm slt!! IM her inworld for a TP!! Grand prize will be 500 lindens!! We will be having loads of free gifts and sales for the christmas season. So come down and shop for your friends and family. Lyria's attic and Olegun designs 30% off. Samsara designs cute flirty dresses 50% off. Free gifts and reasonably priced items at SweetHairs, Vidal, NY menswear, SandyFarellaFalls and much much more!! See you there!


The Astoria is hostinga Best in Jeans Contest with DJ Lyria Wizenheim(Lyria Blaisdale). IM her inworld for a TP!! Grand prize will be 500 lindens!! We will be having loads of free gifts and sales for the christmas season. So come down and shop for your friends and family. Lyria's attic and Olegun designs 30% off. Samsara designs cute flirty dresses 50% off. Free gifts and reasonably priced items at Vidal, NY menswear, SandyFarellaFalls and much much more!! See you there!

Monday, December 13, 2010


All VA Community Residents please meet and greet the lovely Fifi Burton. She is Program Manager for Serenity Groove Radio and is at your service to assist you with the very best SL Experience! You may contact her to inquire about any of our events, venues, rentals and entertainment packages.

SGRadio along with all of the VA Owners work continuously to bring VA Residents the highest in quality products and services. If you haven't done so already, also check out our website which is currently receiving a makeover. Soon there will be spaces for ads and relevant info for both Owners and Residents alike.

Remember your radio station is a RL as well as SL based station now with a staggering 7,000+ Twitter Followers as well as others who tune in and support. Check it out, join the site, follow us on Twitter and be part of the revolution of Virtual City and SG Radio!

Apartments Available Across from Passion Park!

SG Radio now has apartments available for VA Community residents. One of Four is currently available overlooking Passion Park on Aphrodite and De Wallen Ave. This one won't stay long so check it out. Residents may contact Fifi Burton for an application.

If you haven't seen this area of the Entertainment District it is an amazing spot to explore. This intersection is home to Moulin Rouge Theater, SG Record Store, Central Station Subway Entrance and many other shops and cafes.

Curious about the Street Names? Aphrodite St. is named after the - Goddess of love, lust, beauty, seduction and pleasure. Thus Passion Park at her corner. This sensual street crosses De Wallen Ave named after De Wallen which is the largest and best-known red-light district in Amsterdam and a major tourist attraction. Coincidence? You be the judge!

SGRadio Welcomes Trashy Girls In Style Fashion

Shh... Hanging on Main Street in the Entertainment District? Going to a sexy event at the Moulin Rouge Theater or got a hot date later in Manhattan? How bout you surprise him with a little something special? Its' ok to be trashy tonight we won't tell. But wait, Trashy Girls In Style is still classy but bad just enough. ;-)

Check out why so many SL Women have spiced up their nights!!

SG Records Offers Place to Chill

Just a stones throw from Manhattan City, SG Record shop houses many mainstream artists music as well as a relaxing lounge environment to chill. Soon you will be able to purchase original music from Indie Artists we feature as well as exclusive tracks produced in Chicago's very own Consortium Muzic Studios. Check it out!

It's Official! Manhattan City is Dope! Check it out in a kiosk near you!

Manhattan City is featured in Dope Magazine's new Christmas edition.. Dope magazine is one of seconflife's hottest urban magazine. Jammed packed with the latest and greatest fashion news, and advertisements from the Urban world in secondlife. It is truly an honor for Manhattan City to have the opportunity to be in their magazine. Dope is a term used to describe something good, nice, slamming and just teriffic . Manhattan City can also be described as all of those words. Manhattan City will also be host to Dope Magazine's New Year party. Mark a spot on your calendar for New Years and come party with us in Manhattan and with Dope Magazine. We would just like to thank everyone who comes to visit, shop and hang out in Manhattan City. Without you, we would not be DOPE. We look forward to seeing you all very soon in the city. This is just a sample of the article in the magazine. Please pick up a copy in a kiosk near you and enjoy every page of Dope Magazine.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


I want to thank each and everyone of you who showed up to the BEST IN BLACK contest this morning!
We had prizes, give aways and gifts from our fabulous stores!! Bubbles Coba won L$250 and she was very excited! We will be having another contest this afternoon BEST IN PINK for a  L$500 prize!
I will be sending out notices but meanwhile take a look at these pics!!

Looking for some fast wheels?

As we, in Manhattan City, always say. If it's not in New York it hasn't been made. The same is true for Manhattan City. Not only do we have the hottest fashion and footwear. Fast, hot cars can be found here too. If you feel the need for speed, come to R/D in Harlem. Ralvieh Diesel has what you need. Hot vintage vehicles just waiting for you to hop in and drive off  his show room floor. Just stop through harlem. We got you. Give R/D and Ralvieh Diesel your first look before you buy anywhere else.These vehicles will not disappoint you. See you when you get here!

Friday, December 10, 2010

DJ Pinky at Ralph's Diner!

The beauty of entertainment in Manhattan City is that you never know where we are going to be. This afternoon Dj Pinky spinned her jammalicious tunes for us at Ralph's Diner. It was a marvelous setting to have a meal and then spin some time dancing it off. The first 20 ladies today got a gift card for the Manhattan Vidal Boutique for an outfit of their choice. What a way to dance and shop in a great atmosphere. Where will Dj Pinky spin next week? Good question. Stick around and you will find out!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Olegun designs now in New York!!

Please welcome a new designer in our city Billy Hadisson from Olegun designs! Billy has severaI interesting items in his shop. He is from Indonesia and he makes the most beautiful Batik dresses. All his dresses have the most wonderful textures and have this lovely bohemian vibe to it. I took the opportunity to see his designs and fell in love with this number. Rich red texture (I just love anything red!) Check out the pics below!

I had the opportunity to talk to Billy about his designs, here is what he had to say...

Paniagua Rubble: Billy, you said your store is a Batik store, please explain.
Billy Hadisson: Yes, batik have many patterns, it all came from different places in Indonesia
the most popular is batik from central java. Different places have their own pattern for example Cirebon- West Java has Batik Mega mendung. Also certain patterns are worn only by nobility. But in general people where all sorts of patterns not just based on where they come from.
The great example is UNESCO designated Indonesian batik as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity on October 2, 2009.
Paniagua Rubble: This is very interesting I will definately be looking into this. The design possiblities are endless and the patterns are so beautiful!

If you want to learn more about Batik patterns check out this link.

This is yet another example of the incredible melting pot of people that exist here in New York.  lPease stop by the store and say hello. I am sure you will just fall in love with his designs.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Manhattan City Daily Give -A- Way Gets RAWW Today at 1pm SLT Be There!

For all you sexy ladies who've never had the chance to experience Manhattan City's RAWW Collection. Today is your lucky day. RAWW is a collection of very sexy latex and leather outfits for women. RAWW feeds your need to be a bad girl, with class. The latex & leather outfits are shiny,smooth, and erotic to wake all of your mates senses.Some come with accessories such as latex stockings, fishnets,cuffs and collars. A certain outfit will be given away today for one hour during DJ Pinky's set. Which one? That's something you will have to come see to find out. Bring all of your friends and let them get a very sexy, sensual RAWW outfit today with you. We are going to dance, wiggle and jiggle, as Dj Pinky spins her fabulous tunes and everyone who comes thru Harlem between 1-2pm SLT can get very RAWW. I'm only giving outfits away for one hour. Make it your business to be in the crowd. Sexy is as sexy does, and we will be doing it in Harlem today!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Wacky Wednesday Begins December 8th!

Virtual Adventures is bringing a new promotion to the vendors of Fashion City and their customers. Each Wednesday, our vendors will offer their original creations at a fraction of the cost...$48L to be exact. We are so excited about this promotion and hope that everyone takes advantage of this exclusive opportunity.

Wacky Wednesday will be heavily promoted throughout Second Life. To view a list of items on sale, please feel free to go to the our website at

This promotion is available for all Fashion City vendors. Please contact Dejaa Trallis for an application.

Happy Shopping!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Another fabulous Block party in Manhattan City!

Every Saturday is dedicated to a NYC style Block party in some designated area of Manhattan. It's a different spot each week and a different opportunity to see and experience a part of Manhattan City that you may not have experienced yet. Dj Urbanking always spins the best music to make even the most shy person dance. This week a free outfit from the Manhattan Vidal Boutique's new Zebra Collection was given to every lady who wanted one. If you didn't get  a chance to make it this week to the Block party or to get a free outfit, don't worry about it. Because just like there will be more opportunities for you to attend the block party, there will be several more opportunities to experience the New Zebra Collection from Vidal Manhattan, for free. Be on the look out, I will see you very, very soon.


SALE!- For the next 8 HOURS, 12 DIFFERENT ITEMS will be
ONSALE, for ZERO LINDEN!!...Heres what to do:
and LOOK AT ITEM PRICES-12 ITEMS HERE are marked at
Happy Bargain Hunting, from Chichi of London :D

Friday, December 3, 2010

24 Hour Zero Linden Madness Sale at Chichi of London!

SALE!- For the next 24 HOURS, 12 DIFFERENT ITEMS will be
ONSALE, for ZERO LINDEN!!...Heres what to do:
and LOOK AT ITEM PRICES-12 ITEMS HERE are marked at
Happy o Linden Treasure Hunting, from Chichi of London!!

P.S..heres the money cab:

Arima City Packed In The Folks W/ Double Vidal & Raww Promo Giveaway!

First, the success of this event was due to the Kiko Life Support team, Brownskin Philly, Sidney Somerset & Dejaa Trallis who worked the event to a fine nicety!

We had so many people drop by to get their free 'fits, that the ladies were working hard, but they all performed admirably, and lots of folks left satisfied. Most important, we got lots of new people visiting Arima, and getting an introduction to Kiko Life, Vidal and Raww.

We topped out around 36 people on sim at once, with most people making sure to get both giveaways. We made loads of new friends, and loads of laughs!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Yes SGRadio is headed to the Durty Durty South with our newest DJ SHOBOOGIE!! Its grown folk music on a whole different level!! Thursday Night on The Hotel Rooftop was on and Poppin!! Catch his show weekly, Thursday 6-8PM SLT.

Manhattan City Daily Give-A-Way today at 1:30pm SLT and 5pm SLT

Vidal is launching its new Zebra Collection today at 1:30pm SLT. . There are five new sexy black and white outfits. Today you can come to the Vidal Boutique in Manhattan City and pick one free item from the new collection for yourself. I will be here for 1 hour only. Bring your friends so they too, can get a free outfit of sexy clothes every woman will want to have.Guys, don't feel left out. You can also come by at either time and pick up a free item for your sweetheart. She will love you even more. If you can't make 1:30 then come by at 5. Or, you could always come by both times...At any rate. I will be at the Manhattan Vidal Boutique waiting for you. See you soon!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Hotel Serenity Prepares to Host Winter Ball

Virtual Adventures Community Members will enjoy a Formal Affair Saturday, December 11th at 6-8pm SLT. The Hotel Serenity Ballroom will host "An Evening of Elegance". This will be a Winter Ball as Serenity Groove International Online Radio looks forward to celebrating the holiday season with VA Friends and Family. Look for invitations via our groups and you may contact any SGRadio Staff for information.

See you there!!!

Morning jam with DJ Ricko

Time for the morning jam with DJ Ricko at 6AM SLT. Fresh bakerd hed kandi music, including a nice hot coffee in the centre of New York.
Ricko Dagostino will also give away a brand new unreleased hair from BeReal!