Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Big DAY @ Kiko Life: 5K Subscribers & Sit N Win Action!

First, it's our pleasure to tell you all that Kiko Life's Update group MAXXED out yesterday. YES! We hit 5000K members, and had to rush to upgrade our account to the MAXIMUM allowed by Hippo's system.

This is wonderful news for us. Whether it's our great group gifts (of which another will be soon released in celebration of this milestone), or our great sales, or our low-volume non-spam, our group is growing at a fearsome pace!

Last night, we also had another Sit N' Win event with much success!

At one point we had close to 30 people on sim, just trying to find a chair to sit down so they could meet the target and get the gift in the table. The Sit N' Win helps us with traffic, as it provide a fun, social way of getting people to stay on sim for a while.

Between our Free Lipstick promotion, the Sit N Win, MM boards and Lucky Chairs, our traffic today went back up to 12K+! We're verrrrry pleased with all of this as it has positively effected our sales also.


Monday, November 29, 2010

Grown & Sexy SlowJams Night in Manhattan City

I would like to welcome DJ Suzette to Manhattan City as our newest in house DJ. Suzette will play every Sunday evening 7-9pm SLT in Manhattan City. This evening is dedicated to the "Grown & Sexy" Songs all of us adults love. DJ Suzette set it off last night to a very nice crowd that loved every song she played for us. From the smoothest Anita Baker to the sexiest Isley Brothers. Clear your social calendar so that you can come to Manhattan on Sunday night to hang out, engage in adult conversations,and have fun in an adult setting. Bring your spouse,your sweetheart, your "side candy" to dance and romance that evening. I also want to thank those of you for coming out that I am seeing at multiple events. Your support  and contributions to the city are very well appreciated. This week Dj Suzette was spinning tunes so sexy that the ground beneath us literally disappeared and it even snowed to cool things off. Don't forget to put those kids to bed on Sunday, so you too, can be Grown & Sexy under the Manhattan city lights with us. See you there.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Freestyle Rap in Manhattan City ..GrindtimeSL is here

There's a new studio in Manhattan City that specializes in making music videos, freestlye rap and rap contest events.GrindtimeSL has their new headquarter studio in our fair city. Last night was their first contest in the city and it was very nice. Attended by over 40 people that listened to and enjoyed some original rap stylings in contest form. You may come thru Manhattan and hear them practicing over the mic. If this is new to you, it's certainly something to check out. A nice group of young  and enthusiastic guys with a love for rap and a talent for "spitting" some very nice rhymes and making some very hip videos. The official site can be found at www.grindtimesl.com/ . If you look hard enough you may just recognize Manhattan in one of the videos. Manhattan City caters to every flavor of fashion, music and entertainment.

"Event report" part 2, DJ Urbanking Burner Rocks the Astoria!

Best in Red going on right now at the Astoria Ballroom

With: DJ Urbanking Burner:
DJ for all events and occasions
Old & New School, RnB, Funk, Jazz, Club & House and the Master of Slow Jams

DJ Urbanking performing

Gorgeos people in red!

"Event report" part 1, Josie Anderton sings the roof off!

Josie Anderton

The UK has given us some of the worlds greatest Musicians and OMG, Josie Anderton is the newest, next best thing. Straight from the UK, this Incredible Singer has the Accent and the Sultry voice to melt even the toughest hearts. Josie's voice OOZES Sex Appeal and Defines talent at it's best. One listen and you are hooked. An incredibly interactive,playful performer who's laugh is as infectious as her singing is music for the soul.
If you have not heard the UK's newest sweetheart then this is the time to do it.
Josie sings from a variety of Genres that has something for absolutely everyone.
Drop in and listen to this Incredible lady with the Voice and Personality that just won't Quit.

Josie on stage!

People enjoying the music.

Looking forward to the next time! Thanks for performing at VA's Manhattan City

One night... Two events!!

We start with Josie Anderton from 12 AM to 1 PM SLT, starring live in the Art Gallery.
Be there, enjoy some spectacular music.



Best in red evening today at the Astoria ballroom (2 PM SLT)

The Astoria is having a Best in Red contest and you are invited!! So throw on your sexiest red outfit on, grab your honey or just bring your sexy self on over to The Astoria golden ballroom!!
DJ Urbanking Burner will be in the house spinning his best tunes!!

Date: November 28th

Place: The Astoria Ballroom http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ocraco%20Island/38/216/26

Time: 2-4pm slt

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas appearing slowly in the city

As december is comming our way we applied a winter team to the city!!

Here a first impression.

Main avenue New york Island.

Crosspoint BeReal Mainstore New York Island

Biggest Christmas tree @ Manhattan City

Christmas is a time of unity and sharing. We encourage all store owners to add a bit of this feeling to their shops. Would be great if you all could set out one extra gift for this time.

xoxox MariadelCarmen Bekkers

Down We Went! Crash!!

It was my usual Lunchtime event with DJ Urbanking in Manhattan City. Everyone was dancing, socializing, laughing and having a good time.Now, I dont know how true it was, and you did'nt hear it from me. I don't even know how the rumor got started. A few people I can't name at this time, to keep their identity hidden, told me that Urbanking's beats were so tight. So jammeriffic(just made that one up) that DJ Urbanking and his turntable crashed Manhattan City. Yes it is true. In the middle of his set, we all got the boot offline. Crash went Manhattan City! Take a good look at this man's photo. If the best music and a good time for all is what your'e looking for. Be quick. Call him up. DJ Urbanking Burner is your man.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

DJ Tommy Rocks! In Manhattan City Disco Lives!

DJ Tommy Rocked the gravel off the road in Harlem this morning. He will be one of Manhattan City's regular DJ's bringing his love for disco music to Manhattan. Keep your platform shoes, afros,bellbottom pants and butterfly collars handy. We had a very good time this morning and the party will roll again and again and again! We will keep you informed for every stop the Disco Bus makes in Manhattan City. The cute lil bunny, macgyverthebunny Yarrowroot said he had a blast at the disco themed event, as we see do so in the picture above. DJ Tommy plays all your favorites and will get it if he doesnt already have it. Fun, fellowship, and now disco, can be found in Manhattan City!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Manhattan City Welcomes DJ Pinky Sunkiller to the VA Community

Today was DJ Pinky's first set in Harlem . Of many more to come. Pinky plays all genres, takes and fulfills every request or dedication given to her. Manhattan City will have DJ Pinky Tuesday and Fridays from 12-2pm SLT. Lunchtime with DJ Pinky will be a treat. I want everyone to welcome her by coming out and showing DJ Pinky lots of love. It will be a great time for all. And don't be stingy.....Bring your friends! Welcome to Manhattan DJ Pinky!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

*{KIko Life}* Red Bliss & Wild Cocoa! New Makeups Instore!

Since we moved down to Fashion City, we've been busy building Arima and building relationships with the other co-owners and new vendors.

However, in between we managed to work on several new makeup lines to be released over the coming weeks. Here are just two of our new makeup mini-sets.

Visit us at our main store in Arima City and demo these gorgeous makeups soon!

N.B. These are tattoo layer makeups, so you must either be using Viewer 2 or a Tattoo-layer supporting 3rd Party viewer like Pheonix, Ascent or Imprudence.

Friday, November 19, 2010



Called by: Javabox Kawanishi & MariadelCarmen Bekkers

Attendees/ Participants: Azurita Umino, Javabox Kawanishi, Lordduck Zinner, MariadelCarmen Bekkers, Paniagua Rubble, Sebastiaan Obviate, Silexe Core, Ricko Dagostino,MokaLaTea Blinker, Silas Gabardini, Osuntomi Melendez.

Meeting will be open, community and tenants are free to join us.

Purpose: Discuss the financial and sponsorship targets of Virtual Adventures

Date: Sunday November 21st 2010

Time: 0.00 PM SL time (21.00 Central european time)

Location: Virtual Adventures Executive Office


1. Welcome and opening by MariadelCarmen Bekkers

2. Javabox Kawanishi on progress and sponsorship plans

3. MariadelCarmen Bekkers on customer research

4. Share ideas about events and holiday season.

5. Questions

6. Closing and if necesarry planning for a next meeting.

You are all expected to attend our first official business meeting, by inconvinience please inform MariadelCarmen Bekkers.

Carmen Roeth Live at Lunchtime in Manhattan

Songstress Carmen Roeth performed live today to a crowd of over 30 in Manhattan City. Just one of many events held weekly here in Manhattan. So if you weren't here you missed a treat. Don't worry. You will get your chance because she will return. Manhattan City will continue to bring you only the finest in entertainment and community events. So please stay tuned!

Manhattan Super $50L Starts now

Hey Guys, Why wait until next weekend for super sales when you can come to Manhattan starting TODAY?? The attached card has the details, but here is the skinny:
• 13 Super designers• Specially marked $50 items (outfits, hair, shoes, more)• Loads of free Gifts• Carmen Roeth singing for us 12:00 (more background to follow closer to the time)
Come see us!!!!Your shopper girl

Not Your Fault at Mea Culpa

Bless me father, it has been one day since I had lust for shoes. Don’t worry! You are forgiven for having these thoughts about shoes at Mea Culpa. Tatanka Kaligawa’s sign reads “Beyond Fashion” and I have to say he is right. While it is completely unladylike to stare I cannot help myself. These shoes are so hot and sexy you will not believe them, and this is not an SL exaggeration. Come down and have a look, what happens after that is not my fault!!

Your shopper girl,

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Perks of the Job

One of my favorite things to do here in Manhattan City, is to meet and greet people who frequent the community. I also like to ask people when I talk with them what brings them to Manhattan. I get various reasons but every now and then, one will really surprise me. Like the conversation today with a lady by the name of Mikanneko Mocha. Mikanneko informed me she was from Japan and walking around Manhattan City talking with people practicing english conversations. I was honored that Mikanneko chose Manhattan City to help enrich your language skills. Which happily lets me know another great reason someone would chose to come to the community. Having a nice conversation with Mikanneko and helping her to enrich her language skills was a very delightful form of interacting and social media at work. Exchanging views and and having fun at the same time here in Manhattan City. All in a days work.

BeReal in New York City

BeReal in New York City is the perfect place for men and women to relax & shop. They have great shapes, skins, clothes and hairstyles and a really cool approach. Designed like a salon & all you have to do is choose. Pay for you purchases or earn your hair by relaxing in a comfy salon chair for an hour. I’m here right now cam shopping from my cozy spot. Mmmmm and there are many more styles, so let’ see each other for a chat there sometime.

Your shopper girl,
Azi ㋡

K-CODE Means High Quality Styles

Living in Virtual City means seriously styled even when we’re just meeting friends for cappuccino. Come over to the K-CODE main store New York City and check out the high quality fashions. Kara Dresler really gets it right. Jacket, pants, shirts, dresses and outfits.
Your shopper girl,

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Destress with Body Wear by Lake Sword

One more reason to come to the Fashion City. Body Wear by Lake Sword can help take the stress out of dressing for last minute invitations or that long planned romantic evening. I can now easily see how Body Wear can instantly make jeans and a top sexy and special. My imagination went a little wild thinking about how the ensembles could help warm up a long winter night with someone special. Should they “pop the question” there are beautiful wedding sets too.

Your shopper girl,


Friday, November 12, 2010

Vidal Fashion open store at Maritima Inc.

We are happy to expand our business at Maritima Inc.! Soon more.....

NyuNyu Kimono

purr Foxclaw & Saleena Hax

tilly Putzo & gabriella Hinchcliffe

Why Fly to Milan; We live in a Fashion City

One of the fun things about city life is that we can dress fashionably every day. At Italian Style you can get hot everyday outfits for shopping & evening wear for the parties. BTW, Italian shoes and sunglasses here too!

Remember the hinting season has started!! Time to leave a proper hint for your guy or girl, ok?

Your shopper girl,


National Dress Your Man Day

I admit I made it up; but we all know many of the guys will not go shopping let alone buy a new shirt. That should not stop us from getting them something sexy. When I was out this morning I found really hot shirts, shoes and complete outfits at (hoorenbeek). Let me tell you again, they are hot!! You will melt when you see your man wearing these and that is why I’m declaring National Dress Your Man Day! No more excuses for the same old same old.

Your shopper girl


PS: You may celebrate this holiday as many times as is necesary

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Winter Is Heating up At (nova)

Hey guys,

I have been very chatty about glam’ing up for all the winter parties; but being such a spoiled brat, I’m already hinting about a warm weather vacation! So, off to (nova) to check out the hot swimsuits, thin swishy dresses and jazzy accessories. Then, when he FINALLY gets the hint I’ll be ready.

Important! They really understand skin tones, so all you girls who have trouble finding things that go well with yours, this is a great stop!

Your shopper girl,

Shopping in New York just got Better

I just discovered The DrLife/ Chichi of London Showroom in the heart of Downtown NYC. It’s certainly easy to find, 5 spacious floors and a lovely glass front overlooking Downtown. Wow! This place is huge! The complete line of awesome DrLife & Chichi of London Skins, Hairs, and Women’s Fashions live here, and to be honest, I wouldn't mind moving in either! There is so much to tell you that I’ve included it in the note with an LM to help you get started.
Your shopper girl,

DrLife is a Premier Women’s Hairs & Skins Brand, and Chichi Fashions is their Sister Company- both share the same dedication to quality, beauty and naturalism in their designs, and to be able to conveniently browse both of these magnificent couture collections under one roof is an absolute must shopping experience! If High end quality, style and variety are your requirements, do yourself a favor and visit this elegant new NYC Showroom from DrLife Skin Company, and Chichi of London Fashions!.􀀀

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

See you all next week!

Dear partners,

Hereby a little reminder on our vision on building and decoration of the city.

No excessive logo's or promotion signs can be placed outside the stores. We do our best to keep the streets attractive for everyone.

All buildings should be build in New York style, Are you going to place a building yourself? ask GordonGekko Haroldsen or myself for approval. Same counts for exterior decoration.
We don't intend to hold back your own creativity by asking this but a lot of time has been invested in creating the look and feel the city currently has.

We are always open to suggestions, in fact i would like you all to think about new additions for the city. Especially with the holiday season coming soon!

On New York island a ski resort was placed, we did this without noticing the environment around... consequence we closed a main-road leading to 69 park avenue.. Silexe, sorry for that!
Ski resort will be relocated at the part where we currently have the park.

Yesterday i started converting the sims in a winter setting, had a hard time finding good winter accessories to decorate the sims.. If you know any places, please send me a landmark.

Going to bed now...Heading to the airport at 6 in the morning for a week off enjoying the sun!

See you all next week, Keep up the good work!
xxx MariadelCarmen Bekkers

Do you get caught up in Bogie movies?

Secretly dreamed of being one of his "broads"? Wearing really sexy hats? Imagine my surprise as I was ambling around our Virtual City and walked into Couture Chapeau. They have really sexy hats and demos. Let's try some on and let the possibilities begin! (The movie fades to a busy city street, you can imagine the rest!)

Your fashion city shopper girl,

Azi ㋡

Vidal Store at New York City

The Opening of the store Has been a HIT. The Models and The customers joined together to form an Exciting Atmosphere, the new design was admired, the whole collection was praised and applauded.

We had more than 500 people visit the store we are definitely a growing establishment and we aim to provide good quality clothes at affordable prices.

We are in Search of good Models to join our team to be able to contribute to our success.

Gifts and champagne, amongst laughter , excitement and LAG.

The promise of future collections, made this whole experience something to remember in a long time.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Tic Toc, Winter Holidays are coming fast!!

Going to send out Christmas Cards? Have a party and want professional pictures? Maybe a new winter pic for your profile? Better get to Miss Merlin’s!!

When I was strolling in the city this morning I happened to walk into Miss Merlin’s. It reminded me to start getting ready for all the winter fun and parties. LM attached. Read her card there.

Let's go shopping!! Azi

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I Want To Ride My Bicycle Where I Like...

I want to ride my bicycle where I like...

I love the NY sim where my store is based and have blogged it a couple of times already.

I'm lucky that as a resident I can rez objects there (and have been known to rez my convertible there and drive me and my sister round as we shop ;-)) but I enjoy nothing more than riding my bike around the streets to see who and what is around.

I love this bike (I tried to check who the creator was but can't find the information at the moment but it was a freebie much like all his work from what I remember) and did take some photos a few weeks ago when I was out and about on it but I thought this outfit really went with the hobo look of the bike so off I went on my bike cycling the not so mean streets of New York :-)

Necklace: [W&B] Memory Collector Necklace 50L FRIDAY
Tights: Kyoot - Cozy Floral Tights (Winter Vines)
Shorts: Willow~ High Waist Dark Jean Shorties
Hair: >TRUTH< Emme - chocolate
Boots: [PM] Posh Leather : Goldy
Skin: [ATOMIC] Skin Audri_Caramel - Stumble 2
Top: [W&B] Rachelle Cropped Bustier ALABASTER
Bike: Delux Hobo Bicycle (BOXED)

Saturday, November 6, 2010


The Astoria is pleased to present its first annual Black and White Ball!
Date: Saturday November 6th
Time: 2-4pm slt
Place: The Astoria Ballroom http://slurl.com/secondlife/Ocraco%20Island/73/146/23
Come in either black or white attire, dressed to impress. 1000L$ top prize for best dressed!!

TIME: 2-4pm slt
LOCATION: The Astoria Ballroom


Manhattan Block Party! by Mokalatae Blinker

DJ URBANKING ON THE 1's and 2's bringing you them New York Party Jams to make you work them Prims so come on down for some good music, good people, and a real good time . See China Town and Harlem in manhattan like you've never seen them before.


Here are some pictures taken by Mokalatae during the party

BeReal Openings Party New York City!

BeReal Opening Party! 12 - 2 PM SLT
Saturday, 06 Nov 2010 17:53:49 GMT

We now officialy open the BeReal Mainstore in the Centre of New York City!
We open our beautiful new mainstore with a great RL dj, Causticlaurent Beaton!
We give free hair away and we offer new skins so
Be there @ 12 PM and bring your friends!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

VA Bulletin, new way of sending notices

Update on group notices

As communicated yesterday we modified the regulations regarding group notices.

Why? Virtual Adventures is a group dedicated to the community in this virtual city. We believe sending out more than 2 notices a day will result in group members leaving our group.

What now? We assigned a press officer: Azurita Unimo, she will join all notices from our tenants in one or two daily newsletters (will depend on the amount of notices).

Tenants that are willing to promote their products in the virtual adventures group (1500 members) will give their promotion text or texture and a landmark of their store to our assigned press officer.

The virtual Adventures press officer will make sure you update get published in the first appearing edition after receiving your text. So make sure Azurita Unimo gets your promotion nc before our first edition of the "VA Bulletin" appearing tommorow

For any questions, complains or tips please contact:
MariadelCarmen Bekkers
VA Head of Communications