Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Perks of the Job

One of my favorite things to do here in Manhattan City, is to meet and greet people who frequent the community. I also like to ask people when I talk with them what brings them to Manhattan. I get various reasons but every now and then, one will really surprise me. Like the conversation today with a lady by the name of Mikanneko Mocha. Mikanneko informed me she was from Japan and walking around Manhattan City talking with people practicing english conversations. I was honored that Mikanneko chose Manhattan City to help enrich your language skills. Which happily lets me know another great reason someone would chose to come to the community. Having a nice conversation with Mikanneko and helping her to enrich her language skills was a very delightful form of interacting and social media at work. Exchanging views and and having fun at the same time here in Manhattan City. All in a days work.


  1. Great post Moka! :) Puts a smile on my face to see people enjoying the city we have build!

    Javabox Kawanishi

  2. Well done!! thats what the city should be all abou xx Maria

  3. Thanks guys. Very much appreciated : )

  4. This is awesome! Am glad to hear people of all walks of life come here and are enjoying the city!
    Great piece Mocha :)