Sunday, November 21, 2010

*{KIko Life}* Red Bliss & Wild Cocoa! New Makeups Instore!

Since we moved down to Fashion City, we've been busy building Arima and building relationships with the other co-owners and new vendors.

However, in between we managed to work on several new makeup lines to be released over the coming weeks. Here are just two of our new makeup mini-sets.

Visit us at our main store in Arima City and demo these gorgeous makeups soon!

N.B. These are tattoo layer makeups, so you must either be using Viewer 2 or a Tattoo-layer supporting 3rd Party viewer like Pheonix, Ascent or Imprudence.


  1. All of these look lovely. I will be over to have a look as soon as possible. Your skins and makeup are always very very good. Great job. I know you've been working hard on these.

  2. The vendors looks fabulous! Wish you all the best with the sales.