Thursday, September 30, 2010


Proud we are to announce a new business partner!
Paniagua Rubble is joining us in our adventure to create the best interactive city on Second Life.

A luxurious hotel and a ballroom will be added to the city.

According plan we are working together with more and more investors willing to expand Nederpoort City with us. At Virtual Adventures we believe that collaborating with motivated people will benefit to create a richer expirience for all Second Life users.

Thank you Paniagua for joinging us!

Would you like to know more about Nederpoort city and possibilities to join us? Feel free to contact Javabox Kawanishi, Mariadelcarmen Bekkers or Alanah Berchot.

On behave of the complete Virtual Adventures Team

MariadelCarmen Bekkers

Introducing to you... "Ralph's Diner"

Ralph's Diner, a typicaly New Yorkish style fastfood restaurant. Where Zo Restaurant represents class and romance Ralph's goes casual. Tired of doing business or shopping? sit down in one of the lazy red seats and grab a burger!

Ralph's is located on the main Avenue of the New york City District, you'll recognize it by its deep red colors! Here some pictures to give you a small impression, for the real deal come and check it out!

Thanks for reading,
MariadelCarmen Bekkers

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Building a different business model

As part of the effort to create a cohesive, cooperative community like no other, Nederpoort officials are conducting training/listening sessions for SL businesses that locate here. In Tuesday night's session, Virtual Adventures owner Javabox Kawanishi sat down with
69 Park Ave CEOs Silexe Core and Qwirky Snoodle, their director Sparkles Parisi, manager LadyJ Celestalis and designers Dani Plassitz of D-Designs and Zuri Rayna of Jewelry by Zuri -- all experienced businesspeople in Second Life -- to talk about strategy and the new business model being developed.

The topic of the day: Social skills and the power of personal contact to engage residents and offer a richer experience for merchants and residents alike.

Javabox has set one principle from the start: Nederpoort/New York Island won't rely on bots and spam to draw traffic. Instead, the effort is to offer a unique, personalized experience that makes SL more rewarding for everyone.

If you're a merchant here, or considering a move to Nederpoort, contact Javabox or post below to join a training session. It's a great opportunity to network, talk over ideas with other forward-thinking business owners and learn about the vision behind Nederpoort.

Do you have ideas for creating a more cohesive, thriving business environment in Nederpoort and New York Island? Share your ideas with us!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Maria's view on recreational needs and hangout spots in Second Life.

“Exclusive: MariadelCarmen Bekkers on the Marguerita Lounge, Zo Restaurant and why recreational facilities are essential for a Virtual City on Second Life.”

As a virtual city we distinguish ourselves from most other commercial businesses on Second Life. We go beyond shops, midnight mania, lucky chairs and all other so called “people attractors”. Why? Because wherever you go inworld you will encounter these. At Virtual Adventures we aim to be innovative, so we don’t fallow these hypes. Instead we create attractive places where people can come and use it freely as much as they like. People that come to Nederpoort city are not forced into shopping or spending money. Hanging out, socializing enjoying the environment that’s what we want.

At this stage we serve about 40 residents with a free apartment, our residents are all allowed to use Zo restaurant and the Marguerita Lounge for their own party’s or just to hang out with friends when their apartment tends to become a little filled up.

Both facilities are located on Nederpoort’s main Avenue, easy accessible for anyone that wants to stop by. Both interiors where custom designed for Nederpoort City, using textures and furniture of the highest quality available in Second Life. Colors where deliberately chosen to create a neutral ambiance to everybody’s likes.

Future: with the addition of our newest sim we aim to create one or several new recreational places, do you have a suggestion? Let me know! I’ll do my best to realize your idea! Also we tend to make the places more interactive, with actual people being there to serve you. More on this soon!

Thank you for reading!
Kind regards, MariadelCarmen Bekkers

Monday, September 27, 2010

Virtual Restaurant ZO

Restaurant ZO at Nederpoort City is designed by Mariadelcarmen Bekkers. The restaurant is located in the middle of one of the most beautifull virtual city on Second Life. Come and hangout with your friends, dance (28 dances), sit around the table and enjoy the restaurant enviroment.

On the streaming music, you can hear smooth and romantic Jazz music.......
Restaurant ZO has the perfect ingredient for a romantic evening out in the city.
Take the limo and enjoy your stay.

Asher Zarco (vistor) : A smooth and mellow experience guaranteed to please.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Firts resident New York City

Today we are honoured to invite the first resident of New York City.

Congratulations to Katy Isodu, the first resident of New York City!
Mariadelcarmen Bekkers: We are very happy to welcome our first resident, its an honour for me to invite you our group. Enyoy this place!
Katy Isodo: I'm so excited, this is amazing. I rarely win things

The Expanding of The City !

We are glad to announce you that the Virtual City Nederpoort is going to be expanded.

After weeks of meetings between the Virtual Adventure owners, Javabox Kawanishi and Mariadelcarmen Bekker, with some awesome people like the owner of CHICHI of London Fashion Designs for Women and marketing director (western territories) for DrLife Skin, Gaius Luminos, Ricko Dagostino from Bereal and Lordduck zinner from Art gallery, we decided to add a new sim with sense of New York Island next to the Nederpoort one.

What can you picture of New York Island ? Hmm... of course some places like in real New York city, some of hang out places, stores build on the vision of Nederpoort, and the most exciting part is more free apartments to give away. Let everyone you love in Second Life know about this news and don't forget to stick around to this blog for further information.

See ya in-world

Saturday, September 25, 2010

20 (or 40) new appartments available in the city!

Hello members,

We are going to expand the city with a new sim! Sign up here to get your free appartment with a max of 50 prims.
The cost for extra prims are 3 lindens. Leave your avatarname as comment behind and we will get back to you.

Before you enter the new appartment please contact Ricko Dagostino to recieve the appartment notecard rules, after you accepted these rules we will put you on the list for new appartments

Sneakpeak Virtual City Nederpoort

Even though the final renovation of Nederpoort is not complete, I still wish to share some pictures of the current situation and how it appears right now.

Visit the Marguerita loung here

Visit OZ Restaurant here

Friday, September 24, 2010

Sharing ideas

We build the virtual city Nederpoort to meet people from all over the world and talk about our inworld business, share ideas and support eachother.
Here i am having conversation with Ricko Dagostino from Bereal and Osuntomi Melendez from Kiko Life, sharing our thoughts on the current market situation on Second Life.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Intake male models

For a new Casual Male fashion lable NY we are on the search for a good looking Male Model.
Do you have the looks? Come over and introduce yourself.. Become the new face of a brand new fashion lable in Second Life!!
See you over, intake session on for the next 30 minutes by Mariadelcarmen Bekkers.
Here is your limo.

Friday, September 17, 2010

LIVE! performance of Josie Anderton

Josie Anderton is Second Life resident, photographer, performer and explorer.
Tonight at 11 am sl time she is going to permorn at Zinner Gallery in Nederpoort City.

get your limo here.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Re-texturing Nederpoort Virtual City

Mariadelcarmen Bekkers and Javabox Kawanishi finally decided to retexture the city into a more realistic virtual city environment. More info soon available....

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New sponsor Nederpoort City: Smoke Clean®

Pedro M. Garcia: We are delighted to be part of this ambitious project of Virtual Adventures. As a company we see big potential in advertising in successful virtual cities such as Nederpoort.

Smoke Clean is a recently created company in Málaga, Spain. We are focused on the sale of e-cigars. We have started in Málaga and in just a few months we now have people selling in Barcelona, Valencia etc... We have our shop online, too, for those who like shopping round the clock on the internet.

We have different types of e-cigars, 7 flavors, and also have different type of chargers. We are improving everyday with new innovations for our for e-cigar customers.

So as you know, it's better for you to Smoke Clean – Electronic Cigarettes, and feel free smoking everywhere.

Visit our website:

Friday, September 10, 2010

More Free Apartments in Nedepoort City

Do you spend lots of your time on Second Life ? And still doesn't have your own shelter ?

Well, we are giving you a chance to get a free apartment with scenic view all over the Nederpoort City this weekend. Each of these apartments has maximum 50 prims and size of 10x10 m² which is enough for you to put plenty things or just simply design your own apartment creation.

Here are some pictures of the awesome apartments we are talking about.

Interested ? Please send your message to Mariadelcarmen Bekkers or Gordongekko Haroldsen, so they can hook you up. You better dash up, we only have 4 more apartments left !

See you in-world !

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Renovating Nederpoort virtual City on Second Life

The Renovating of Nederpoort Virtual City on Second Life

As our wish is to serve the Second Life community by building more apartments, hangout places, new building textures and a "meet and greet" point in the middle of city, we are currently renovating the Nederpoort Virtual City.

In spite of the renovating of the city, we proudly mention that we have reached the traffic rate of 10346! Here are some impressions of the changes we already created.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Free Appartments in Nederpoort Virtual City

Yesterday 05-09-2010 we where able to give away 5 new appartments in Nederpoort City.
This initiative was taken to stimulate our Virtual Adventures group members playing a role in the Nederpoort community.

Saraman Blackheart was first to respond to the notice. Within a few seconds she was the proud owner of a luxurious appartment with a great view over Nederpoort City.
This is what she had to say:

I was so lucky to get the opportunity to live in one of the chic appartments at Nederpoort City, i had lots of fun decorating it to my own taste. I plan to invite all my friends over to chill and have lots of fun. The best part.... all the best stores are just around the corner.