Saturday, October 30, 2010

Starlin Roecastle Joins Manhattan City

Virtual Adventures welcomes Starlin Roecastle to Manhattan City!

Starlin Roecastle: I strongly believe that this is the best city in Second Life. I believe that the management and organisation is of the highest standards throughout SL. To not be part of something this great would be silly. I have much faith in what the city sets out to achieve, and will strive hard, and with the rest of the team to propel the city to new highest.

Javabox Kawanishi: people are the most important asset in our virtual company. You could have the biggest city, good looking buidlings and the best designers in it. Without having qualified business partners, co owners or staff, its just pixel. We want to welcome Starlin Roecastle in our Virtual Adventures company. Being sure his Real Life and Second life experience will be a graet value to our team!

MariadelCarmen Bekkers: Comming soon!

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