Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mainstore Chichi Design and DRLife @ New York City

Gaius Luminos: "I had been looking for an effective place to relocate my businesses, Chichi Design, and DrLife, and Virtual New York seemed like an ideal choice. Not only is 'The City' the most detailed and active Urban Multi Sim build in SL, it also has its own Planning Board, and a thriving Community of Residents, who live here full time. SL NYC is the cutting edge of Buisiness Cooperatives in Second Life, and we are very glad we came here.

Javabox Kawanishi:" We are honoured to have Chichi Design and DrLife in the city. They offer the community a wide range of products or skin, shapes, hair, shoes and fashion. We wish Gauis Luminos all the best. Welcome on board!

1 comment:

  1. I agree and am happy to share this experience as Sister City to NYC - 69 Park Ave.

    Chi chi, dr life and many more here offer cultural diversity, activity and designer choices.

    Thank you all of virtual adventures for bringing about this venture.

    -Silexe Core-
    CEO / 69 Park Ave