Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Meanwhile at the Marguerita Lounge...

As a responsable organisation we know how important it is to make some time availble to relax and chat about other things then business.. Here a wrap up of what goes on at the Marguerita Lounge..

Co Owner of New York City Ricko Dagostino is the DJ tonight.. He does damn well!

Good looking guys serving drinks behind the bar!
People rocking the dancefloor!
Party Party....
and what are those lazy asses doing... Get over at the dance floor!!
So, the marguerita proves to be the perfect place for a private party! All VA residents and designers are free to use it!


  1. Definately a good place to relax and hang out with your friends. Too bad I couldn't stay with you for so long (RL issues) but I'll stay around for sure :) ANDIE LAVENDER

  2. It was really nice, and the Dj was great.