Saturday, October 16, 2010

Josie Anderton celibrating her rezzday at The Astoria Ballroom

Hi all its Josies Rez day on saturday 16th of October she as touched our hearts in so many ways.
Come celibrate with us and enjoy the music. Here is your limo.

Sweet voice of Samm Qendra! Big fan of her now!
Bookings,Infos and other informations Please
Send a notecard to Michaela Rookstown

Sid Slade: If you would like any information on booking me or availibilty,please contact me. Including any charity or good causes events.


  1. Great party. Great entertainment. A lovely way to kick off the New Astoria Ballroom. Love it. Happy Rezz Day Josie!!

  2. hahaha you can see me dance!