Thursday, October 14, 2010

Become Co Owner of the biggest city on Second Life

Comming weekend our city will be expanded wit another sim, we would like to offer you the opportunity to be part of this business. There is 1/4 sim available, 3200 prims costing 5500 L$ weekly. The sim will be used to expand our current city meaning it will have the same building style. In short, "we offer you a city district to manage" think of shops, apartments etc.

Become Co-Owner in this Virtual Adventure!

The city is visited by more then 1000 unique visitors on a daily base.

For Project 3 "Manhattan"we would like to offer you a 1/4 sim to manage a business such as:

1. Hotel
2. Club
3. Shopping area
4. Rent out luxurious turnkey apartments

Grab this oppertunity with both hands and become part of this unique project.
Contact us or just leave your name and questions here.
Im inworld:
Mariadelcarmen Bekkers
Javabox Kawanishi
Ricko Dagostino
Gaius Luminos
MokaLaTae Blinker

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