Friday, October 22, 2010

Kiko Life joins Virtual Adventures Projects

Kiko Life is very pleased to announce, that we have joined Virtual Adventures in their massive undertaking to create the biggest, most beautiful, fun-filled city in the Metaverse. The gorgeous five-sim build now is home to Kiko Life's main store, and our city complex.

"We are so thrilled and excited by the wealth of opportunity, and customer engagement that joining forces with Virtual Adventures offers us," said Osuntomi Melendez owner and designer at Kiko Life.

Osuntomi Melendez: "it's not often you are presented with such a strong community, strong leadership and compelling opportunities in Second Life, she continued. "However, this was one that was ultimately too good to let pass."

Javabox Kawanishi: "After having several meetings, we finally made the decision to become one big city."

"We are proud and honoured that Osuntomi Melendez decided to be part of Virtual Adventures by joining her sim next to the Manhattan City Sim. Its amazing to see and experience how we are able to collaborate with people from all over the world. Welcome Osuntomi Melendez."

We at Kiko Life and Virtual Adventures, would especially like to thank Zoha Boa of for his amazing customer service. He went a long way to making the transition as painless as possible, so Kiko Life's customers would not be effected.


  1. It's only fitting that the best skins be a part of the best sims and business group. I have always admired, liked and worn your skins because they are simply the best. Now to have you here with us is really an honor. Ty for coming aboard.

  2. Thanks for your kind comments Moka! It's a pleasure and honour for me to be invited and to be welcomed! Blessings and Good Things....