Sunday, October 10, 2010

Inworld now, Fashion Exposed!!

I am proud to announce that next to our blog we now have a style gallery inworld.
We are located in Nederpoort on the main avenue next to the marguerita lounge.


Fashion Exposed!! Not your usual exposition! Our ambition is to show you the best current fashion items available in Second-Life.

Each Picture in our store contains a Stylecard in which all visible products of the promo picture are listed with enough info so you can find your way to
the creator of each design.

Fashion Exposed does not own rights of any of the displayed products. All credits to their respective Designers! We just expose.

We believe our effort will help you to get new inspiration and vision in the o' so interesting Second-Life fashion World.

Come to Fashion Exposed!! find your way to dress to impress!

P.S. Did you know we are always open for suggestions,
Speak your mind!

Here some snapshots to give you a little impression.




See you inworld slurl:,
or fallow us on our blogsite:

Kind regards MariadelCarmen Bekkers

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