Monday, February 28, 2011

My Silent Hero

My business partner here in Manhattan, Sebastiaan Obivate, never ceases to amaze me. Sebastiaan is also the designer for the lovely Sebis Fashion label for men and women fashions. I have always admired his designer skills, so of course I would jump at the chance to work with him in any capacity. Sebastiaan is very talented, but never toots his own horn about his designs. Always the gentleman and a joy to have on my side, is how I would describe him.

This weekend Sebastiaan had a fashion show with the JOL Agency in secondlife to showcase his work. I was very surprised, seeing as he never mentioned it until showtime. Just another example of his silent graciousness. I wanted to shout about it from all the roof tops and out of all the windows. I was very proud. The show was a success. The setting was a walk in the part, with a nice park setting for the models to parade around on. I was trying to take a lot of pics but they came and went so fast. Plus, we all know SL and slow rezzing. I was like, ughhhh, but did manage to get a couple.One of Sebastiaan and I  watching the show and one of one of the "Trendy" Models, Sarlah Maggs, in one of the outfits. Sarlah was working it!

Sarlah Maggs is pictured in Sebastiaan's Cynthia outfit. I could explain it, but,will repeat what the runway announcer said about it, which is a better rendition...." Cynthia, is entering the runway, styled by LusciousSarlah. A total runway design, totally Manhattan look. Again another, office, to night out outfit" now isn't he handsome too! I might have a crush, LOL.

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