Sunday, February 13, 2011


Here at the Astoria we LOVE LOVE LOVE contests! We see it as a wonderful opportunity to give back to the community which gives us soo much support. I personally love it when I win something, it just brightens up my whole day. The other thing I love doing is SHOPPING!  (along with the millions of other women here in SL.)You all know who you are! : -) So in honor of shopping and contests we decided to hold the following contest : The Astoria's Who Wore it Best Contest!!!

You may ask yourself, " Pani? what are you talking about? It's quite obvious who wears it best... I do! Can nobody accessorize and throw together an outfit like I can!"  Ok ladies we hear ya! So now we are giving you the chance to prove it!

Here is what you have to do.: Purchase an outfit from either Vidal, SandyFarellaFalls or Red Light District Designs located in the Astoria Lobby only. The item must be purchased at one of the Astoria Lobby stores in order to qualify for prize. Take a picture of yourself wearing the outfit complete with accessories, hair etc. Submit it to me Paniagua Rubble and I will post it on this blog. You must be following the Astoria blog in order to have your picture posted.

 Get your friends to come on and comment and vote on your pic if you like (hey it can't hurt and might influence our decision haha). Every single week Kris Zufreur and I will look over the pictures and choose a winner. The winner will win a gift certificate for one of the following Vidal, SandyFarellaFalls or  Red Light District designs! (your choice) Then at the end of the month we will choose one of the 4 weekly winners and that person will win 500 lindens! So there are two. count em TWO chances to win something!! I told you I liked contest : -)

The outfit must have been purchased from one of the stores located in The Astoria Lobby.
You must be a follower of our Astoria Blog.
Contest is open to everyone. Please don't post any nude pics pics am afraid I can't post those : - ) Other than that be creative, go crazy! Show us how you put yourself together!  IM Paniagua Rubble or Kris Zufreur for more details, questions, concerns etc.

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