Friday, March 4, 2011


Today  we recieved some terrible news here at The Astoria. Our good friend and event planner Ceemuzik Monday aka Oracle passed away a few hours ago.  Our condolences go out to  his family at this time.

How do you begin... what to say.  How do you thank someone like Ceemuzik. He was a wonderful person, a good friend, a master DJ/producer and loved dearly by all who encountered him. There are few like him. He gave of himself many times going out of his way to help a person if they needed it.  I myself being one of them. Always there to give encouragement for our vision, advice, his time and his expertise.

He was honest, direct, to the point but kind and very helpful. Just a good person. As I stand here in front of the DJ booth at The Astoria all is very quiet. There is no house records familiar voice to welcome all to The Astoria... only a void where the Master DJ used to be. He is gone but definately not forgotten.  Cee you will be dearly missed....

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  1. Earlier as we were discussing CeeMuzik, Maria reminded me of what we often forget here: there are real people behind our avis.

    A good reminder for us all that flesh and blood direct our pixel lives here and a real person has passed and been lost to us.

    May he rest in peace.