Friday, February 25, 2011

New Luxury Sky Homes Available on New Arima Central Park Area

New Skyhomes are finally here! You are now able to rent a luxuriously private sky home on the new Central Park Area. Central park is soon to come on the ground level. In the sky are luxurious skyhomes, fully furnished with a terrace and front yard on each home.

All homes are equipped with the following:

~Texture changing rugs and artwork (click them to change the appearance)
~Tintable windows ( the long sets of open windows are tintable, simply click on them and you will see them change)
~Teleporters (right click and teleport)
~Furniture with poses (simply sit on a cushion, each has it's own pose)
~Cuddle sofa (click the small sofa by the window on the lower level to access poseballs and menu)
~Cuddle/sex bed (click to access poseballs and menu)
~Lamps (click to turn on off, you must have the "Nearby and local" light option enabled in your graphics preferences.
~Candles (click on off)

*Priced at 300L per week, as is or 375 a week with 50 prims to add to your present luxury*
For questions or to visit a home contact myself, MokaLaTae Blinker, Sebastiaan Obviate or Cest Thorr. We will be glad to assist you in any way.

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