Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Role Playing in the Red Light District

I happened to have logged on early this morning and noticed this red light girl almost asleep. She was waiting for dawn and maybe her last chance to make some money.
She seemed a little down; did she need a fix? Maybe she has a small child needing care? Is she waiting to be rescued? She seemed so soft and nice for a girl in this business.
I had to go on to shop in SOHO just a few blocks away. But as I was leaving some guys came up and began talking to her. The entire time I was shopping I could not help but wonder what happened to that beautiful girl. We all know it could have been us.
How did this role play work out? Could you have joined it? Would you like to try something else? What have you imagined? Only you know for you. Come role play here soon; lot's of situations in the city that never sleeps.
Keep watching ok?
Hugz, Azi

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