Thursday, February 24, 2011

Virtual Adventures Official Press Release

Virtual Adventures (VA)
Official Press Release
February 25, 2011

Virtual Adventures is proud to announce that an agreement has been reached with "Mokalatae Blinker" to administer the Downtown New York sim. The steady development of Manhattan City gives us the confidence that MokaLaTae Blinker and her team will do an excellent job in managing Downtown New York to the high standards we all expect.

VA has long been a leader and ground breaker in SL and RL development and the administrative burden of managing Downtown New York (former Nederpoort) had become an impediment. Now with the excellent ability of MokaLaTae, VA is free to develop and implement other virtual possibilities. Javabox Kawanishi and MariadelCarmen Bekkers (current CEO's) will focus on a healthy development of VA In-world and VA as a real life company.
VA will keep a close eye on the daily development of all sims it has founded. It is to our collective benefit that the high VA quality standards remain intact.

MariadelCarmen Bekkers, CEO, states “It’s a delight for me to be able to say that we reached a satisfactory arrangement for both parties that benefits all of our community members. Going forward, I will have time to focus on future VA projects. My interest remains in virtual community development and the fashion business. My first focus will be further development of Fashion Exposed!!”

Javabox Kawanishi, CEO, observed “This is a new step in our virtual career and logical growth step. After building and rebuilding this entire Virtual City and making it an authentic and livable city experience for the SL community, it’s time to move on. The city is now in a state where it can only grow. More hangout places, good stores, and an environment that makes you feel you are really experiencing a city. By turning over the city to Moka, Maria and I are going to focus on other VA related business in world and in RL. This will in time will benefit the city projects as well. More about this will be announced in the next press release”.

MokaLatae Blinker, CEO Fly Chick Enterprises, states “I am very honored that the Downtown NYC owners have faith in me and my Manhattan City team of workers to control and manage Downtown New York. By doing so,everyone benefits and the high standards that we all have and use in our current cities will continue to be on going and stable. This new expansion also helps me to fulfill my goals of successfully running and maintaining vibrant virtual city. Maria and Java, thank you again for putting your trust and faith in me and Manhattan City to take care of yours in your time of need. It is very much appreciated”.

For questions regarding administration please contact: MariadelCarmen Bekkers
For questions regarding new development please contact Javabox kawanishi


MariadelCarmen Bekkers
Inworld CEO
Virtual Adventures

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