Saturday, February 26, 2011

Taxi's service in Downtown New York

Downtown New York, Februari 26

After darkness comes sunshine, after shuffling roles Downtown New York is getting more and more into the picture again. With Moka leading everyday business i finally have the time to explore some creativity and share ideas with new potential people... Today i met Masgalih Resident, here is what happened.

masgalih Resident, "What is a virtual life without a virtual job? Today i started out as cabdriver in one of the biggest and most beautiful virtual city on Second Life. After having an job interview and introduction with Mariadelcarmen Bekkers, one of the founders of this big city i took her for a test drive through the city. We went from SOHO to her Fashion Exposed office. The trip was fantastic and she gave me a good tip as well! Life is good!"

MariadelCarmen Bekkers, "I am happy to announce that our initial transportation plan will get a chance after all. In our meeting Masgalih gave me the confidence to be abe to handle the traffic needs of a virtual city. With good social skills Masgalih will give our customers a happy feeling and an interesting tour around the city."
Make sure to take advantage of this service! A ride with Masgalih is guaranteed pleasure.... ride to SoHo Downtown NY


  1. Aww Maria. Glad i can help ease ur work load. And give you the chance to enjoy the city. It feels good knowing I am the gatekeeper in two of the best cities in SL. Manhattan, with my partner Sebastiaan, and Nederpoort with you and Java. We rock!