Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Come Experience Vidal in Downtown New York City

One of the things that make cities so crazy and yet so magical is the convergence of so many cultures, fashions, sounds, exotic feelings, sights and anything you can think of. When you visit an international city, chances are you’ll go to a restaurant overhearing different languages, take a taxi with a driver from yet a different place and shop for some fashions inspired in one country, designed in another and purchased in a store owned by someone from someplace else still!

When you have been home awhile and if you are lucky you’ll open your purse one day and a coin from some faraway place will fall to the floor, flooding your mind with memories. Maybe a little smile will appear, or even a tear if the experience was deep.

In the past this dream reserved for only a special few. Now, many more people can both experience the sensation of international cities, and they can find ways to prosper. Everything I said is true right here (well the foreign coin will have to be a Linden ok?)

The Owners of Vidal and our Downtown Sim have a vision to make this opportunity available for everyone worldwide. People designing and selling things electronically at prices that will allow them to be better off in their own homeland.

How is this possible??

Come and find out. Ask someone on the street, go to a restaurant, take a cab and finally stop in Vidal. Amazingly it's the city plan!!

Hugz, azi:)

Click here for a taxi: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Ocraco%20Island/178/122/24

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