Sunday, March 6, 2011

This City Never Ever Sleeps!!

This City Never Ever Sleeps!!

So, I went to Ralph’s at the Red Light district to sit and write quietly. Sleepily curled up in the corner I happened to glance up and observed Willow (again!!) She and Ophelia were chatting about this and that and enjoying another day in the city. Well, soon Masgileh the cab driver came in to take a break and then Luca came and sat next to Willow (mmhmmm). It was soo cute! He bought her a milkshake; then they sat close and whispered it seemed. (Something going on here??? IDK!!) So girls and guys, maybe you will meet someone here? Don’t miss out!

So! How can I skip the original purpose of writing today? Last night lots of peeps were just hanging out in the city. It was really busy with lots of people just visiting and chatting. One couple seemed to be having “fun” and went upstairs from the Red Light, (comprendes?) Then some guys were just chilin and came on a little, and then a panhandler was trying to borrow lindens, and a business woman checking us out. It was soo cool!! A real city night!
Have stories? Tell me please???
Hugz, Azi

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