Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Welcome Madelene Merlin; One Super Photographer

Hey guys; one of the reasons we live in the city is because really exciting things happen! So give a big welcome to Madelene Merlin as our newest store and official photographer!

Madelene is no newcomer; she has years in world and is a really accomplished photographer (I have used her services myself BTW!). Her studio will be open soon and she will be taking more great pics of our great city. Have a look at these black and whites (B&W's for you photog groupies and sighs for you know who..a B&W is not a car!!)

So!!! All you RL New Yorkers admit it! Looks and feels like the real New York for sure! Kinda makes you want to break out into really New Yorkie kinda stuff? You talkin ta me? Yeah you!!

Fuhgette about it!!!, Azi

Visit Madelene here:


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