Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kiko Life comes to Manhattan City!

Manhattan City welcomes Kiko Life!! Party Time!!!!

Manhattan City is proud to announce the opening of the new Kiko Life Main Store in Manhattan City. Already being business partners with Osuntomi Melendez, the Kiko Life owner and creator. It is even more of a pleasure to have the business with us. Kiko Life is a premium ethnic skin, shape and make up product in Second Life. The best of the best for ethnic avatars. Giving them a wide array of combinations to help make any avatar more beautiful, pleasing and everything your imagination would like it to be. A long, happy and prosperous future for Kiko Life is expected in Manhattan City.

With that said, for all of you who have been looking for and missing Kiko Life. Look no further, they are back  and at home in Manhattan City. Make your way over to experience all that beauty has to offer, Kiko Life style. There are many, many more products already here with more to come. Be sure to keep your eyes open, not to miss one moment.An opening party to welcome Kiko Life to the city and to welcome all of you to come out and visit or revisit Kiko Life again will ensue. DJ Showtime will be in charge of entertaining us all this evening, June 21, 2011 from 4-6pm SLT at the Kiko Life main store. Please come out and have a nice time with us. Your limo is provided . Welcome to Manhattan City, Kiko Life. Manhattan is very pleased to have you!

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