Monday, July 4, 2011

Timbaktu Inc

Never had I imagined that I would design and place my creations in a beautiful city like Downtown New York or at Malaysia sim near the beautiful water.I design because of passion of creating pattern for pixel clothing in secondlife.

So here is Timbaktu Inc at Downtown New York. You can have a tp here .

The texture of the shop , flooring and display were created by Javabox Kawanishi. It makes my clothes shine. It look so warm and cosy and soft. Ambient that I would always feel comfortable to be with.

The decoration gives me more ideas to design.

The city has a lot of place to hang out. I had tped some friends Mero, Dong, emoralis and Zhang to have voice chat at a cafe near Timbaktu Inc store.

Come over and see for yourself

(Picture soon available)

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