Saturday, April 23, 2011


Today we had our very first event at our new location and we had lots of fun! I want to thank everyone who showed up to our masquerade ball! I saw some beautiful gowns and masks. All the fellas were looking sharp as well.  I especially want to thank my fellow co-owners who showed up and supported the event. I want to thank DJ Hit em N the Jaw, who not only provided us with great music but some of his err hmm vocals. Haha. Special thanks to his family for coming out and especially Rain for helping set up the date and advertising the event also. But a very very special thanks goes to Zane Pooley who did some wonderful hosting. I plan to put up some of the pictures real soon so watch for them coming soon.

Today's event will be the first of many things to come out of the Astoria. Along with a new building and new land comes a new attitude with fresh ideas. Most importantly this new attitude brings a spirit of cooperation and unity. All of us working together to make this city one complete city. A place where people love to live, party, shop and simply hang out. Kris and I will keep everyone posted on new events as they become available.

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