Monday, November 7, 2011

Future Plans

From: MariadelCarmen Bekkers

To: VA Distribution

Subject: Future Plans

Hello Everyone,

The purpose of this announcement is twofold: First I want to thank all of my friends, partners and associates over the last four years for our collective success with VA. It has been fun, difficult at times and yet an overall extraordinary experience, the kind most people only read about. We have made many leaps for virtual reality and SL and grown in many ways.

Secondly, I wanted share my own next steps with you all. I’m leaving VA effective November 14th to pursue some new opportunities. This means that I will vacate all of my ownership positions, roles, duties and any official affiliation. It does not mean however that I have left the planet or hopefully your hearts. It just means I’ll be doing some different things in SL. I’ll be happy to discuss any details of the roles or duties being vacated with anyone as you wish.

Just to close the loop, I have not heard from Java for quite a while but all of us are really on our own direction now. This makes it a great time for all of us to move ahead as colleagues and friends.

This was a sad but exciting memo to write and I’ll be sharing news with you as individuals as I am able. Fallow my steps on:


MariadelCarmen Bekkers
VA In-world CEO (ex officio)

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