Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Manhattan City Welcomes Downtown NYC into our fold.

There is always more room for our family here in Manhattan City. Collaboration with the sister sim, Downtown NYC has been active from the start of the Virtual Adventures NYC Sims Project. Instead of being next door now we are all under one happy roof and faithfully connected to our sister sim Arima City, Home of Serenity Groove Radio.Lending a helping hand is what we, in Virtual Adventures, do and charity always begins at home. When there was some distress for our family, Manhattan welcomed them with open arms.

As spoken by the Virtual Adventures team leaders, Javabox Kawanishi (Sales & Marketing) & Mariadelcarmen Bekkers (CFO), " Because of the lag in Ocraco Island  for the past 2 weeks and "full sim" situation, caused by a club on the sim, Downtown NYC(Ocraco Island) is moving all of its activities to Manhattan City. With this new strategy, we will intensify our collaboration with Serenity Grooves and the Manhattan City group. The transition should be ready by the weekend."

What this means is that Manhattan City and Downtown NYC are all on the same sim as one big happy family. The whole sim is getting a face lift. If you thought it was hot before, wait until you see this one. You dont want to miss it. If youre looking for someplace to go this weekend and hang out and have a lil fun, come to Manhattan City. More hang outs, more fun and of course, more SHOPPING will be available to you.

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