Monday, January 17, 2011

Sample Changes to Residential Arrangements

Hiii Guys,

Well we're growing more and getting more exciting in 2011. Java suggests we look at our rental arrangements and asked that a sample note be developed. Use it or not as you wish

Hugz, Azi
Important changes to our Apartment arrangements effective January 24

Dear Apartment Resident,

First, let me wish you a happy New Year with hopes that you are well and prosperous.

Secondly , let me refresh you on our vision of having a real city; one that you can live in, make friends, shop, go clubbing or just hang out and enjoy. Our view was by making it an attractive place to live, shop and socialize then we would also prosper enough to be a commercial success.

In 2010 you may have noticed our incredible growth with so many new stores, clubs, activities and the addition of free apartments as a strategic component.

When we offered the apartments we had two key considerations: First that it be for avis who spent a good amount of time in SL and enjoyed this city; secondly, that each one would be allowed 50 prims or pay $1L each for more each week.

What has happened is that some people do not log on often and also many avis are using excessive prims. This is having a negative impact on the city causing lag during our free social activities and slowing sales in the stores. To improve this for all of our benefit we are implementing the following new arrangements effective January 22.

There will be a nominal $1L per week charge for your apartment (less than one penny $US)
We will enforce the 50 prim limit by charging $1L extra per excess prim each week
There will be a formal payment box method in our new business office LM attached
You will need to pay each week or your apartment will be given to the next person on our waiting list.
Avis not paying by January will be removed and contents returned to lost and found

We all know that RL vacations and emergencies happen, so if you will be away simply pay in advance up to four weeks.

There will be a meeting and street dance on January _______ to answer all of your questions.

You Name Here

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