Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Look Out Bad Guys, The Cops are Here!!

Good News for us Virtual Adventures NYC Sim Owners, but bad news for potential griefers and aggrivators that come to any of the 4 NYC sims. Thanks to one of the owners, Gaius Luminos, for acquiring security to our 4 sister city sims(NYC, Manhattan City, Ocraco and Arima City) we can now rest a little more easily about griefers and trouble makers entering the sims. They will now, be dealt with by an elite security force patrolling the area by horse and patrol cars.

 As stated by Gaius earlier today "Good News for us..bad news for Griefers. Earlier I accepted a deal with An SL Police Unit, the Gendamarie National Francaise (GNSL) to station at New York Island. I want to stress that GNSL is an 8 member Team of former Military Officers (Vets) from RL, and not a gang of 15 year olds playing at being 'policemen' in SL (which is worse than having griefers).
GNSL's charter purpose in NY will be: Anti griefing patrols, and emergency call response to residents and store owners who are being victimised, general assistance to residents and visitors to NY, event security (if requested), and the removal of space junk left by non residents".

Yay for us and boo for the bad guys. Everyone on the Virtual Adventures Team want to make everyone's experience on our sims  pleasant. The presence of security can now make that possible in a more harmonious way.In the picture above are Officers Mak Topaz and Opa Munster on patrol in Manhattan City. Thank you Gaius and GNSL, from all of us. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

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