Monday, January 3, 2011

New Shopping Spots in Manhattan City!

Manhattan City welcomes new Fashion and Jewelry Shop !

Manhattan City is growing like a weed all over the place. We have a very wide range of shops and that range is now wider. New Jewelry shop, Fannie Wise Jewelry, owned by Fannie Wise herself, adds more glitter and glam to Manhattan. Fannie specializes in wedding rings but has a wide range of jewelry for men and women. As you will see in the pics and very detailed.When the time comes to tie that virtual knot. Come see us at Fannie Wise Jewelry and get those special rings for your wedding, or simply treat yourself to something original and beautiful.

Looking for sexy and savvy fashions,hair and jewelry? Come check out the new WTB Shop in Manhattan City also. To capture that fresh off the runway look, Zeta Untermeyer, the owner of WTB has just what you need. Also in the picture above,Zeta tells me that WTB stands for Want To Be. I can say, do you want to be beautiful, fashionable and stunning? Come to WTB and you will find it!  Zeta's designs are fresh, vibrant and very well priced. Even your purse will come out happy.The next time you're in Manhattan City, Do yourself a favor and peek into both of these shops, Fannie Wise Jewelry and WTB. Experience city shopping in Manhattan City! Welcome to Manhattan ladies!

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