Saturday, January 8, 2011

Empire State building raises New York City!


SL's Prestigious & exclusive EMPIRE STATE BUILDING is now open for show to prospective Store & Buisiness Owners. Contact Gaius Luminos for information.

~If Visibility & a Prestigious location are musts for Your Business,
its hard to imagine anything more visible or well known, than
The Empire State Building in New York City!
~Second Life's Empire State Building is a brand new, state of the art
recreation of its famous RL Counterpart. Inside and out, this fully functioning & faithful replica of NY's Landmark building is a true
Architectural Masterpiece.
~ Empire State SL is situated in its own self contained Shopping Center Plaza, at The Heart of the well established 5 Sim New York Cooperative- the biggest & most realistic New York City in Second Life.
~Empire State SL stands at 130 Meters High, with24 Shops & Offices,
& 28 Fully Furnished Luxury Apartments. The Building has 2 Elevators with private key code Appartment/ Office enterances for their Owners.
There is also an Observation Deck.
~The Shopping Arcade is located on Two Levels, right above the Main Lobby, ensuring direct foot traffic flow from The Main & side street Entrances. It is decorated in a 1920's Motif, with sculpts and textures that are modelled after the Origional Build in RL.
~The Arcade & Offices/ Apartments are currently open for viewing (just follow the attatchedLandmark). Rentals are by appointment- Contact Gaius Luminos....Many Thanks :)

Interior impression


The Empire State Building is a Prestigios addition to our skyline!


  1. Hi could you please put in the photos I gave you, instead of these.
    tyvm- Gaius :)

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