Friday, January 14, 2011

100 Avatar Exhibit Opens in Manhattan City!

BooperKit Moseley is hosting a 100 Avatar exhibit which opens tomorrow at 12pm SLT in Manhattan City.  Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend. DJ Urbanking will be the DJ for this event and it will be very live and very fun. Bring your friends and come enjoy 100 Avatars....Manhattan City Style!

Second Life and the other virtual worlds that have built up around it have gone through many changes. People come now, as then, for many reasons. Relationships are made, true selves discovered, fun had and memories made.

Throughout this time, whether you are an oldie or a newbie, we have always had the snapshot. Some of us faithfully uploaded records of our experiences to SLPics, some keep libraries in inventory. Some, like me, did both and also kept galleries too. It was this that inspired me - I used to have a gallery of customers who came to my store and wore my hair. More and more people would ask to be in the gallery and send me pics for it. It was at one point huge, and I loved it and would go there to browse and remember and often found others doing the same. Thinking about this gave me the idea.

100 Snapshots is an exhibition of 100 first avatar snapshots.

The oldest are from 2002, the newest from just this year. I have not selected them or filtered them. I see patterns in the choice of first snapshots, and there are indeed many interesting stories related to them. I hope you find them interesting, perhaps intriguing, sometimes beautiful and often cringeworthy. There will be pictures that make you reminisce if you're an oldie like me.

Thank you to everyone who contributed pictures, time and ideas. I hope it was worth it.

Booperkit Moseley

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