Monday, December 13, 2010


All VA Community Residents please meet and greet the lovely Fifi Burton. She is Program Manager for Serenity Groove Radio and is at your service to assist you with the very best SL Experience! You may contact her to inquire about any of our events, venues, rentals and entertainment packages.

SGRadio along with all of the VA Owners work continuously to bring VA Residents the highest in quality products and services. If you haven't done so already, also check out our website which is currently receiving a makeover. Soon there will be spaces for ads and relevant info for both Owners and Residents alike.

Remember your radio station is a RL as well as SL based station now with a staggering 7,000+ Twitter Followers as well as others who tune in and support. Check it out, join the site, follow us on Twitter and be part of the revolution of Virtual City and SG Radio!

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