Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christams came early today in Manhattan City's Daily Give-A-Way !

The gift given to the community today in Manhattan City's Daily Give-A-Way was an item of choice from the new Vidal Zebra Collection. There was a very large turn out  for these new sexy, sassy and classy  combinations of black and white dresses. Black and white together is a nice mix of color. It gives any design a look of elegance, class and can be very sexy as well. Today that combination was shared in the form a a gift to all who had the time to spare to pick one up. There is a choice of five elegantly designed outfits from Javabox  Kawanishi and Vidal Boutique Manhattan. Each person is allowed to choose one outfit they like from the Zebra  Collection to keep for themselves. A lot of ladies were very appreciative and anxious to put on their new outfits and wear them out on the SL town tonight.  It's always a very gratifying feeling to be able to help people by giving them a very nice designer gift. So look out Santa, you'll have some sexy helpers tonight. This wasn't the first and wont be the last Designer Gift, given away in Manhattan. Keep your eyes open, Santa will be back in Manhattan City and soon!

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