Friday, December 3, 2010

Arima City Packed In The Folks W/ Double Vidal & Raww Promo Giveaway!

First, the success of this event was due to the Kiko Life Support team, Brownskin Philly, Sidney Somerset & Dejaa Trallis who worked the event to a fine nicety!

We had so many people drop by to get their free 'fits, that the ladies were working hard, but they all performed admirably, and lots of folks left satisfied. Most important, we got lots of new people visiting Arima, and getting an introduction to Kiko Life, Vidal and Raww.

We topped out around 36 people on sim at once, with most people making sure to get both giveaways. We made loads of new friends, and loads of laughs!


  1. People love good quality gifts!!!! Was a real succes.

  2. Yep... and we're real pleased with the turnout. We're doing another one tomorrow afternoon.