Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Maria's view on recreational needs and hangout spots in Second Life.

“Exclusive: MariadelCarmen Bekkers on the Marguerita Lounge, Zo Restaurant and why recreational facilities are essential for a Virtual City on Second Life.”

As a virtual city we distinguish ourselves from most other commercial businesses on Second Life. We go beyond shops, midnight mania, lucky chairs and all other so called “people attractors”. Why? Because wherever you go inworld you will encounter these. At Virtual Adventures we aim to be innovative, so we don’t fallow these hypes. Instead we create attractive places where people can come and use it freely as much as they like. People that come to Nederpoort city are not forced into shopping or spending money. Hanging out, socializing enjoying the environment that’s what we want.

At this stage we serve about 40 residents with a free apartment, our residents are all allowed to use Zo restaurant and the Marguerita Lounge for their own party’s or just to hang out with friends when their apartment tends to become a little filled up.

Both facilities are located on Nederpoort’s main Avenue, easy accessible for anyone that wants to stop by. Both interiors where custom designed for Nederpoort City, using textures and furniture of the highest quality available in Second Life. Colors where deliberately chosen to create a neutral ambiance to everybody’s likes.

Future: with the addition of our newest sim we aim to create one or several new recreational places, do you have a suggestion? Let me know! I’ll do my best to realize your idea! Also we tend to make the places more interactive, with actual people being there to serve you. More on this soon!

Thank you for reading!
Kind regards, MariadelCarmen Bekkers

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