Thursday, September 30, 2010


Proud we are to announce a new business partner!
Paniagua Rubble is joining us in our adventure to create the best interactive city on Second Life.

A luxurious hotel and a ballroom will be added to the city.

According plan we are working together with more and more investors willing to expand Nederpoort City with us. At Virtual Adventures we believe that collaborating with motivated people will benefit to create a richer expirience for all Second Life users.

Thank you Paniagua for joinging us!

Would you like to know more about Nederpoort city and possibilities to join us? Feel free to contact Javabox Kawanishi, Mariadelcarmen Bekkers or Alanah Berchot.

On behave of the complete Virtual Adventures Team

MariadelCarmen Bekkers


  1. Wonderfull to see so many people working in 1 virtual city, i cant wait to open my first office!
    Rene Alertrijschool

  2. Allready rent out 2 luxurious appartments! nice job Pani!