Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Building a different business model

As part of the effort to create a cohesive, cooperative community like no other, Nederpoort officials are conducting training/listening sessions for SL businesses that locate here. In Tuesday night's session, Virtual Adventures owner Javabox Kawanishi sat down with
69 Park Ave CEOs Silexe Core and Qwirky Snoodle, their director Sparkles Parisi, manager LadyJ Celestalis and designers Dani Plassitz of D-Designs and Zuri Rayna of Jewelry by Zuri -- all experienced businesspeople in Second Life -- to talk about strategy and the new business model being developed.

The topic of the day: Social skills and the power of personal contact to engage residents and offer a richer experience for merchants and residents alike.

Javabox has set one principle from the start: Nederpoort/New York Island won't rely on bots and spam to draw traffic. Instead, the effort is to offer a unique, personalized experience that makes SL more rewarding for everyone.

If you're a merchant here, or considering a move to Nederpoort, contact Javabox or post below to join a training session. It's a great opportunity to network, talk over ideas with other forward-thinking business owners and learn about the vision behind Nederpoort.

Do you have ideas for creating a more cohesive, thriving business environment in Nederpoort and New York Island? Share your ideas with us!


  1. That was a good session, and it's always worth spending time in finding new and better ways for cooperation along with enriching my own business view.

  2. I am looking forward to a spectacular grand opening on the 3rd. Your inovative ideas are very exciting and I'm sure your sim will be a huge success. Good luck to all participating! If you aren't there, you should be. It's not often your find a sim built with such heart. It's very touching that much of the proceeds here go to the less fortunate. PS... Don't miss the pianist.....very soothing at the end of a hard day. =)
    ┊ ☆
    ☆ .·*¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·`¤ ♡ℒℴѵℯ, ♡Zuri