Saturday, April 16, 2011

Busted!!!!! By the NYPD at Block Party Saturday

Everyone knows that Saturday afternoon in Manhattan City is Block Party time with DJ Urbanking. The beats are always sweet and the party is always live. Word must be getting around. This afternoon we were visitted by the NYPD. I just knew somebody turned me in for having that "wacky weed" vendor in the Hood. But I swear it's legal! LOL! After over an hour of observation, telling people they were dancing too close, And questining my guest. Not to mention, drinking plenty of coffee and having several donuts from the local Dunkin Donut stand. It seemed these cops were more interested in watching the ladies shake their stuff rather than bust me.I tried to snap a few shots but my head wasn't so steady. Cool Moka was nervous for a minute. I managed to get a few shots.Buddy, Jason and nikolaay( or whatever their names were).....I'll see you again.Here are a few pics so we can remember these guys. LOL.

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